Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Get Out Of My Goat!

So, there's this bar...

(No, it's not the start of a joke with a priest and Rabbi, though I do know this really good one...)

... called The Goat (formerly The Lota's Goat). Mitch and I have an odd connection to this place. I went there years and years ago with old colleagues to get hammered and sing karaoke. It's where I first decided that I LOVE Journey. Mitch went there as well, before we met, to play in a pool league with a bunch of rednecks and very drunk Native Americans.

Here's another guy's opinion of this little blues bar from 2005:

"The place reminds me of a old trucker bar. The bathroom is nasty and most often has a pungent smell of urine and vomit, mostly fri and sat night. But that's when you know your at a party! The bands are pretty good, mostly classic and almost blue'sy but they try to keep the volume right so you can still talk to the ladies!!! Great Place to pick up older ladies But give em a squeeze check in front before you take-em home.
And there's that guy ! I dont know his name but he looks like a Stan or a Burt,anyway every time I've been in there he falls down. I think he's just clumsy but it could be the booze or maybe his presciption meds! Who knows but I did enjoy watching him fall , laughing everytime, not feeling bad for him at all !!! I get a great laugh every time I go!!! A great place to check out Saturday but dont stay too long you might gat trapped in the Twilight Zone."

The Goat is a hole-in-the-wall place that you go to and don't have to worry about being hip or cool... until now.

We went there to have a beer and shoot the shit with some friends that work there Sunday night. Gone were the older folks playing pool, and the women with missing teeth. Who was there? Hipsters. It was beyond bizarre. It wasn't even the hipster kids I'm used to, the ones with whom you can have a conversation about something other than the best 80's album that they weren't even alive for.

How the hell did a place that was so uncool and comforting become full of ultra-selfconscious douchebags that treat this site as a damned bible?

Don't get me wrong, I happen to enjoy reading We Shot Jr from time to time (I like their interviews), but when the lame, hang-on-to-whatever-someone-tells-me-is-cool-even-if-it's-eating-my-recently-severed-leg morons start descending en-mass to a sanctuary of anti-cool, it gets annoying.


Anonymous said...

Holy sh*t. Well said.

DiabloTexas said...

You know, I recently went into the goat myself and was wondering the same damn thing. I thought I was just being an old man trying to shew these kids off of my lawn.
Ps. it's great to have you back blogging.

Anonymous said...

nice goat:)