Monday, January 19, 2009

Change Muthas

Eight years of crap are over. My only complaint: Fucking W is coming to town. Literally. That unintelligent jerk is moving to the hood in which I work. Thank god I am trying to transfer to a new store.

Anyhow, all Bushes aside, we get a new intelligent, charismatic president. The most well-spoken, in my opinion, president since Kennedy. We may not get as much change as soon as we want, but at least we will cease to look like morons in front of the rest of the world. GO OBAMA! Lookin' forward to tomorrow! Here he is:

FYI: I'm back to keeping this site going, but I'm taking it in a more, well, relevant to my existence direction. More local stuff and art, but let's hold the crap and get real. Dallas is seriously effed up, and I'm done with the sentimental hometown shit. Dallas you owe us good peoples a good freakin time while we're here, and I'm holding your ass to it.

:) Now for love...