Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Everyone's Getting the Hell Out of Town

Since I am looking to hop on the moving band wagon (yes, the Rockies are calling my name), I saw this and giggled. From Laura Palmer:

"Many of you know we're moving, but did you know so are everyone else??
I just went to a going away party on Saturday (apologies if I barfed on you), and now I'm playing at one THIS SUNDAY 8/31. And it's not even mine! My good friends Aaron and Samantha are the ones going away this time. You know Sam. She's the one who punched you in the face and then dry humped you as you lay on the ground.
The whole thing is happening at:
Double Wide
9:00 PM
and features the music and wisdom of yours truly and Tiger Moth.

It will be the second to last Laura Palmer show in Dallas and, if I'm in the right mood, I might tell you to fuck off. If I'm in the wrong mood, I might tell you I love you.
Be there!