Saturday, July 26, 2008

Obscenely Unseen #3

I'm really excited to be a part of Obscenely Unseen's third installment next weekend. It's the first art show I've been in since May, and there's some really neat talent participating in the show/concert.

It's a little difficult to read so here's the info:

August 2nd.
Doors at 3pm.
$5 cover.

Space Studio
2814 Main St.
Dallas, Tx


11pm-Holy Diver
10pm-The Kul
8pm-Robert Jones
7pm-The Happy Bullets
6pm-Spector 45
4pm-The Pumpkin Sea


Dylan Hollingsworth
Dannah Walter
Charles William Faciall
Kate Andria
Mikey Branton
Kris Swenson
Matt Craddock
Karlei Jackson
C. Kirk
Jeremy Meador
Sheila Tillery
Alison Welsh (me!)
Clay Driver
Shayne Ridenour

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