Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Wanna Be A Robot

I had no idea what dystonia was until I clicked here and read up on it. It is nice to see so many bands chipping in time for a good cause. There's a mention of an Art Room as well, but I haven't found out who's showing. I'll let you know if I do!

"The "I Wanna Be A Robot" Rock Show and Art Auction on August 9th, 2008 is a benefit with the goal of raising funds to support research and to find a cure for Dystonia, as well as to help with the mounting medical bills for the diagnosis and treatment of Shakey Amy's Dystonia. Her subsequent surgery and the installation of a Intrathecal Baclofen Pump System will put them in over $500,000 in medical debt.

Doors open at 5pm! The Lineup for the outside patio will be:
5:30 Fishing For Comets
6:30 Laura Palmer
7:30 Titan Moon
8:30 Remington
9:30 Elkhart
10:30 Florene
11:30 The Happy Bullets
12:30 Wonderfool
1:30 The Felons

The Lineup inside will be:
6:00 Blue Petal
7:00 JD Whittenburg
8:00 Ryan Akin (A Very Special Guest!)
9:00 Lovie
10:00 Escort Service
11:00 Anvil Salute (From OKC)
12:00 Sunward
1:00 The Tah Dahs (See 'em while you can, folks!)

With the awesome DJ Mooneyham spinning the tunes in the Art Room!

Don't wanna wait in line?
Wanna donate to the cause but can't make the show?
www. shakeyamy. org now has the tickets online and available through paypal!

Amy has been suffering with Dystonia since the Summer of 2005, a mere 3 months after she and her husband Silas ™ met. Together, they are very strong. However, Dystonia has proven to be much stronger than the power of two people and two decent incomes. The medical community is not as nearly aware and proactive as they should be, and that needs to change! We need your help in aiding this couple in their fight against a disorder that affects over 300,000 Americans, with countless others going undiagnosed."

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