Friday, July 11, 2008

HCG Tonight

I'll be heading over to HCG Gallery in a few minutes to catch the second opening in this art two parter.

"This summer, HCG Gallery is proud to bring Dallas 2 Nights, 2 Artists, 2 Openings, featuring two established Texas artists: Michael Ledoux and Shane Pennington. Both artists' pieces will hang simultaneously the duration of the exhibit, and we will celebrate each man's work with two special, individual receptions!"

This evening they will be hosting a reception for Shane Pennington. (Michael Ledoux's reception was last month, but his work is still hanging, so you can check him out too.)

"Shane Pennington is a Dallas artist who works with many different types of media. From large
expressionistic acrylic on canvas paintings, to video projected onto paintings, to sculpture, to photography mixed with installation, Shane Pennington is a man of many talents."

HCG Gallery
1130 Dragon St. Suite 190
Dallas, TX 75207

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