Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh Lee

So, I'm looking at publishers for two books of poetry that I've completed. I still have to make the artwork for the illustrations, but I thought I'd give you a peek at some of the poems on Tuesdays. This one was written in honor of my greatest hero Lee Ranaldo from Sonic Youth. To me, he's right up there with Ginsburg and Kerouac; the last great beat poet of the 20th century. Lee's poetry has inspired me since I was, oh, like 14 years old.

Oh Lee (A Poem For Lee Ranaldo)
by Alison Welsh

Oh Lee,
How does this
Wind ride to
On a late night
Clawing onto
Like I claw
And clutch
To words and such
That I'm sure
You wrote
With my mind
In your mind
Even if it came more
Writer to reader
Than lover to lover
At Conception,
And Passing.

In a dim-lit art-house
I wonder over checkers
At your punctuation particulars
A beat late
From a great
Generation with minds
"Starving, hysterical
How you didn't starve
Eventhough you give us
Naked in strings
And strange noise-things
Whose poise a norm
For taking Granted?

Oh Lee,
See this strangle-mangle
And take it in full-fist form
As a punch from
A word-pool storm
Leaking out tears for all
Those who can't peel
Back a phrase
And soak in
Full Forum!

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