Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Existence

So we're putting up Existence Is Elsewhere on the walls of Avenue Arts Venue this evening. The artwork is very interesting and diverse, but still follows the show's title theme.

The artwork and music are not of this world... or are they? Is the surreal nature of dreams and fantasy from another plane of existence, or are they here in plain sight? The artists and musicians participating in Existence Is Elsewhere all explore what may or may not be imagined.

Art by Nick Bradford, Lets Kish, Jason Barnett, Kunst, Alison Welsh, Larry Carey, Janelle Tohill and Loren V. Era. Music by Yells At Ells and SUBkommander.

Musical performances to begin around 9pm.

This show was one in a series of shows to help promote Artalotathon, a grassroots art fair for Deep Ellum and Fair Park I was attempting to get together.

Without getting into any messy politics and catering loss stories (which are boring and give me headaches), I had to change the nature of the show. What was once a benefit with a door price, is now a pure art and music show for the sake of the art and music represented... that and it's free!

Suggested donations are to pay for the band, and those of us who are supplying wine from our own pockets.

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