Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh The Franco

So tomorrow you have to go to this too (because you will still want to party after our art show):

Spector goes on at 11:30pm.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Existence

So we're putting up Existence Is Elsewhere on the walls of Avenue Arts Venue this evening. The artwork is very interesting and diverse, but still follows the show's title theme.

The artwork and music are not of this world... or are they? Is the surreal nature of dreams and fantasy from another plane of existence, or are they here in plain sight? The artists and musicians participating in Existence Is Elsewhere all explore what may or may not be imagined.

Art by Nick Bradford, Lets Kish, Jason Barnett, Kunst, Alison Welsh, Larry Carey, Janelle Tohill and Loren V. Era. Music by Yells At Ells and SUBkommander.

Musical performances to begin around 9pm.

This show was one in a series of shows to help promote Artalotathon, a grassroots art fair for Deep Ellum and Fair Park I was attempting to get together.

Without getting into any messy politics and catering loss stories (which are boring and give me headaches), I had to change the nature of the show. What was once a benefit with a door price, is now a pure art and music show for the sake of the art and music represented... that and it's free!

Suggested donations are to pay for the band, and those of us who are supplying wine from our own pockets.

R Day

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

CADD Art Fair

CADD (Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas) is having their second art fair this weekend at 333 First Ave. (MAP) (TICKETS)
Here's the specs:

The Galleries:

And/Or Gallery // Barry Whistler Gallery // Conduit Gallery // Craighead-Green Gallery//Gerald Peters Gallery // Holly Johnson Gallery // Marty Walker Gallery // PanAmerican Art Projects//The Public Trust // Road Agent // Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden
The Party:
$45 advance purchase (purchase tickets here), or $60 at the door
(ticket valid for all fair days)
Hosted by Modern Luxury Dallas with complimentary valet parking, cocktails & hors d'œuvres.
9:45 PM Music by Austin band Shapes Have Fangs.

The Fair:
$10, or $5 with student I.D. (ticket valid for Saturday & Sunday)
2:00 PM Paige West, author of The Art of Buying Art, and founder of Mixed Greens in New York,
breaks through the misconceptions about contemporary art and inspires the discovery of the joy of collecting original works of art.

The Panels:
$10, or $5 with student I.D. (ticket valid for Saturday & Sunday)
2:00 PM New Media Panel with Lauren Cornell, Executive Director of Rhizome and Adjunct Curator at the New Museum of Contemporary Art; Paul Slocum, Director of And/Or Gallery,
artist, and musician in the band Treewave; Kevin Bewersdorf, artist and musician. Moderated by Noah Simblist, Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing at Southern Methodist University.
3:30 PM Dallas Issues: Care and Conservation with John T. Campbell, Conservator, The Nasher Sculpture Center; Lyzanne Gann, Conservator of Photographs; Shannon Phillips and Tish Brewer, Conservators of Art on Paper and Documents, The Center for Art Conservation. Cheryl Vogel, curator at Valley House Gallery and Sculpture Garden, will moderate the discussion.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Menage Art Trois

This Thursday scurry down to 325 S. Central Expressway to see works by Cathey Miller, Loren V. Era, and Wilhelmina Adams. I happen to be a big fan of all three of these ladies, so go check it out!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Winners

The winners of the mural competition were:

1st place = Sergio Garcia, Luke Harnden, Mark Nelson/"Untitled"/2631 Commerce St.

2nd place = Tyson Summers, Jason Barnett/"The Cave"/3003 Commerce St.

3rd place = Brian Crawford/Deep Ellum Koi"/2513 Main St (backside of The Door facing downtown)

Check out the video below to see the murals.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


My gal pal Cindy made this nifty video previewing the Deep Ellum murals that will be judged this afternoon:

The ceremony is this evening at The Prophet Bar with a champagne toast for the winners and entertainment from The Happy Bullets and the gorgeous Baby Ruthless. Come out and support the artists! AND it's FREE! (This is, I swear, the last time I will post this graphic.)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Par=tay for the Hood!

Tonight from 6-8pm!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Existance Is Elsewhere

I am so proud to be a part of this in more ways than one:

-flyer artwork by yours truly.

DEEP Agenda

DEEP is meeting tonight @ Amsterdam Bar at 9pm, yo:

Central Division Crime Watch

  • Third Tuesday Crime Watch June 17
  • Need to notify the residents and businesses
  • discuss updates/changes

Email Blast

  • What works; what does not?
  • Pictures Banner ads
  • Pass the hat

Extreme Sports Event & Music

Mayor Tom Leppert speaks to Deep Ellum Town Hall

  • Tentative - Last week of June - plan for day time
  • How can DEEP contribute
    • Inform & Publicize
    • Organize community
        • Restaurants & Clubs
        • Galleries & Retail
        • Residents

Future Projects and Events

Updates about the Neighborhood and what others are doing

  • DART meeting last Tuesday
  • Informal meeting with Meadows
  • DEA meeting
  • DEF meeting


DART, told us last week that the 75 on-ramp should be back in action by early July and we can expect the old 75 exit to be operational by the end of August. We can still expect construction but this should make it much easier on those trying to get to Deep Ellum. (oh & click on the DART link, fix a drink and enjoy the press conference... apparently they gave up on Deep Ellum in 1956)
Also, for those of you sad to see Darkside Lounge go, looks like you weren't alone... this e-mail just came over to D.E.E.P.'s myspace from The Lounge on Elm St. "We recently took over the old Darkside Lounge space located @ 2810 Elm st. We are in the process of giving it a little face lift while we wait for the liquor licensing to go through. Assuming everything goes as planned we should be open mid to late July. We are going to be looking for bartenders and a waitress or two." Glad to see it, you can expect a DEEP meeting soon.

Stuff happening out & about:

May 21 Grand opening of Excuses
May 22 Deep Ellum Association Mixer hosted by Print Electric at Pawn Gallery
May 24 Re*Cov*Er Mural Competition followed by Awards Ceremony at Prophet Bar at 8 pm with Baby Ruthless and the Happy Bullets.
May 24-25 ArtFest in Fair Park

May 28 Dallas Symphony free concert in Exall Park
May 29 MC Rad, Frontside Five and Bark Hard at Red Blood Club
May 30 June 1 CADD Art Fair

May 30 The Door 10th Anniversary party
May 31 Avenue Arts Venue surreal art & experimental music

May 31 Town Square Project at Club Dada
June 5 The Restarts at Red Blood Club
June 6 Backsliders and Dragna CD Release party at Double Wide
June 6 Nightmare of You at Prophet Bar
June 7 Studio Fling Goes Green Show
June 11 Riddle of Steel at Double Wide
June 13 Frog Eyes at Club Dada
June 13 Lovie Beach Party at Space Studio
June 14 Pluto is Not a Planet a group show at Hal Samples Gallery
June 21 Times New Vikings at Club Dada
June 26 Local Heart Show at Prophet Bar

events chosen due to impact on neighborhood, national touring artists, involvement with DEEP and DEA and those events which support humanitarian, social, environmental and charitable interests)

Fun stuff that happens every week in the hood:

  • Every Mon - Bad A** Jazz Night at the Amsterdam Bar
  • Every Tues - Yoga at Space - 6:30 - 8
  • Every Wed - Swing Dancing at Sons of Hermann Hall - 8 - 9
  • Every Wed - Film Night at AllGood Cafe (this month spotlights Kubrick, next month it's Coppola)
  • Every Wednesday - Back Door Karaoke at Exposition Park Cafe at 7
  • Every Thurs - Scaraoke with D.J. Mr. Rid at Meridian Room
  • Every Sat - Open Mic and Spoken Word at Sankofa
  • Every Sunday - Picker's Jam at Adair's at 2pm

    Next week I want to offer a dining guide for cheap nights at local restaurants (I got lazy this week) so if you have weekly specials like half off days let me know so I can add you to the list! The idea will be to have the weekly lists rotate so this week can be fun stuff, next week is cheap eats, week after may be open mic...

Become a Member of the Deep Ellum Association

Next Meeting

5/27 Exposition Park Cafe
6/3 Guest Speaker Night at Space with Hal Samples
6/10 July Alley
6/17 Son’s of Herman Hall (unconfirmed)
6/24 ?
7/1 Guest Speaker Night at Prophet Bar with Russell Hobbs

Sunday, May 18, 2008

And The Finalists Are:

On Friday, at Club Dada we announced the five finalists that have one week to compete on Deep Ellum's walls in this second installment of Re*Cov*Er Mural Series. You can view the progress of the murals of the following finalists at the respectable locations:

  • Tyson Summers/"The Cave"/3003 Commerce St.
  • Sergio Garcia, Luke Harnden, Mark Nelson/"Untitled"/2631 Commerce St.
  • Matthew Orwig & Jo Skillz/"Where Dreams Come True"/2612 Commerce St.
  • John Gonzales/"Blind By Love/2513 Main St (frontside of The Door facing Good Latimer)
  • Brian Crawford/Deep Ellum Koi"/2513 Main St (backside of The Door facing downtown)

On May 24th, from 7-10pm, we'll hold an awards ceremony to announce this year's winners. First place will receive $1000, second place $500, and $250 for third. The Happy Bullets and Baby Ruthless will preform and we will have a champagne toast. This evening will be free to the public.

Special thanks to Roy Ivy, Paul Slavens, Mike Graff, and Club Dada for making Friday's event possible, and also to our sponsors: The Deep Ellum Association, The Deep Ellum Foundation, TW Design, and Eclipse Freight Systems.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tonight's Festivities:

Come support the folks who run enjoy the music of Roy Ivy, Paul Slavens, and Mike Graff (interview here), view the mural submissions, and find out who's going to get to compete on Deep Ellum walls next week!

Over in the design district, there's a closing party at HCG featuring the sounds of DJ Sober from 6-9pm:

Thursday, May 15, 2008

R Day

To get everyone excited for the 2nd installment of the Re*Cov*Er Mural Competition, I'm showing the three winning murals from last year:

Lead Belly - Brian Crawford - Third Place

John Lee Hooker - Janet Antich - Second Place

Blind Lemon - Ronnie Bates & Reel FX - First Place

Summer Smackdown

I'm really amused by this:


I heart Vorvadoss. I am also a dolt because every freaking time I see them, like last night, I forget my camera... and so does my friend. It's like trying to capture Nessy....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mike Graff

Back in the late '80s when Deep Ellum first started to grow a unique, original music scene, Course of Empire emerged with industrial guitar, edgy vocals and two drummers pulsing out a driving rhythm.

Mike Graff, C.o.E.'s guitarist, has played with several bands since C.o.E.'s breakup in the late '90s, and has recently emerged with a beautiful and hypnotizing solo act that consists of guitar, drums, and visuals.

I was lucky to see Mike play at Hal Sample's Space this April, and am very proud to share the following interview with you today:

First, of all, could you tell me about how you got started playing?
MG: In the late '60's/early '70's, my dad had a surf group called "The New Pyramids".  My earliest memories are of crawling around amongst guitar cables and amps while the group rehearsed at our house.

As a tot, I was probably more intrigued by my dad's "Echoplex" than the guitars. The "Echoplex" was a tape-loop delay effect. The
tape would spin around on the top of the machine and create all sorts of weird, spacey sounds as you moved the tape heads back and forth across the tape. I still love a delay pedal. My solo show on Friday is all about playing in time with the delayed guitar signal.

When I was about 12, my dad stopped playing and I started to p
ick up some of his instruments. His red '61 Guild Starfire kind of became my guitar. I used it in the early days of C.o.E. I've been attracted to the big, woman-shaped, semi-hollowbody guitars ever since.

SR: Who are some of your influences?

MG: As a kid, I was just trying to learn the songs that my dad was would show me: tunes by Chuck Berry, Link Wray, The Ventures, Freddie King, etc. were all part of my development.

But somewhere around late '78/'79, I discovered George Gimarc's "Rock And Roll Alternative" radio show on KZEW. When I heard The Sex Pistols, I found my own thing to be into. Later, I heard "Birds Of A Feather" by Killing Joke. That song probably influenced my guitar style more than any other.

Bob "Derwood" Andrews of Generation X, Andy Gill of Gang Of Four, Daniel Ash from Bauhaus, Matthew Ashman from Bow Wow Wow, and Billy Duffy of The Cult were all favorites of mine too. The influence of all those guys can be heard, mashed up and regurgitated in stuff that I've done.

Can you tell me
about your time with Course of Empire?

MG: Course Of Empire
was fortunate to come along at a time when Deep Ellum was just beginning to blossom as a new center of musical creativity. In those days you could walk up and down the street and see ten different groups and be blown away by all of them. There was a mutual respect and admiration amongst all of the bands, each doing their own thing.

What were some of the more memorable

MG: Course Of Empire really believed it could change the world. However naive it may have been, we had a specific plan for how we would help h
umanity avoid the coming apocalypse and build a bright shining, sustainable future.

We had this vision that we could unify the masses and reconnect to the earth through drumming. So we would pass these big oil drums and sticks out into the audience in order to get the mass subconscious working. It was all very Lord Of The Flies/Edgar Rice Burroughs, tribal-industrial, global village stuff. Some nights "the drum thing" worked great. But eventually the crowds got too big.

During one show at the Theatre Gallery, people started throwing the drums. A lot of audience members got hurt. Some people had chipped teeth, others were bleeding. It was chaotic. We had to stop the music. Ambulances arrived.
That night was the end of "the drum thing", but the start of our career recording for a major label. We ended up getting
signed to Zoo/BMG from the energy of that show. I still have a blood-stained flyer from that show.
SR: What were your favorite songs to work on?
MG: I was proud of a
song called "The Information" from our third album called Telepathic Last Words. It was included on the soundtrack cd for a movie called Dark City. I liked the techno feel of it.

I also liked a tune called "Thrust" from our first album. It was fun recording it because David Castell actually built all the gizmos and gadgets that made all of the industrial noises happening in the track.  We thought it was our "post-industrial" epic. Live, it was the song during which we would pass out all the drums into the audience: 

SR: What side projects have you worked with over the years?

MG: After C.o.E., I did an album of minimalist ambient music called Halls Of The Machine with drummer Michael Jerome and keyboardist Van Eric Martin. Jerome and I also played with a guy named James Hall for a while. I played with a few other local groups like The Mermaid Purse and another called The Chinese Stars. But Halls Of The Machine has been my main thing, since C.o.E.

SR: I really enjoyed the set you played at Hal Sample's Space back in April. You seem to have moved in a more psychedelic direction since C.o.E., what would you call your new material?

MG: My solo guitar show is an experimental thing. I can't book a Course Of Empire or Halls Of The Machine show without other people being involved. But I realized that as "Mike Graff" I can step out and play anything I want from my musical history.

So the solo thing is really just a stream-of-consciousness trek through my catalog of riffs. Since there's no singer, I have to adjust the arran
gements somewhat to make sense from the guitar perspective. I may start out playing something new and then morph into bits of music from the C.o.E. era, and then move onto something new again.

I have some basic ideas going in, but I never really know what I'm going to play until I get up there. It has a bit more of a psychedelic feel to it, because the delay and effects becom
e more important, since there's no singer or band to react to.
SR: The last year I've seen a more and more acts include visuals with their music, including your own solo performance. How do you think visuals enhance your music?

MG: The theatre of watching a band play lies in seeing how the musicians feed off of one another. Since I'm just playing guitar, I like to have video projections that help create an other-worldly atmosphere and help support the mood of the music.
SR: What plans do you have for the future of your music?
MG: Halls Of The Machine has a lot of new material recorded. We're just looking for that next window of time that we c
an all be in the same city to finish the
next album.

SR: Do you see yourself working in any specific direction?

MG: The new HOTM stuff takes a very stripped down, rockish kind of approach. I'm anxious to get a full-blown HOTM show happening where we can
play the heavy stuff

SR: Can we look forward to a solo album release?
MG: I never considered it before, but I like the idea.

You can catch Mike Graff this Friday at Club Dada during a benefit for the Deep Ellum Association. Also playing that evening is Paul Slavens and Roy Ivy. That night the fiv
e mural finalists will be announced for this year's installment of Re*Cov*Er Mural Series Competition.

First four images taken from Mike Graff's myspace page. Last three photos (excluding flyer) taken by Hal Samples at Space on 4/6/08.

Monday, May 12, 2008


I have a special interview I'll be releasing this week with Mike Graff (from Course of Empire). I am a big fan of his new material which you can catch this Friday at Club Dada.

Along with Mike Graff, Roy Ivy (from the Tah Dahs), Paul Slavens, and Pet Hospital will perform sets, and the Deep Ellum Association will be announcing the lucky five mural finalists who will compete on Deep Ellum's walls.

It will be your last chance to see the submissions for this year and don't forget to smile purdy, as Hal Samples and his wonderful camera will be popping around for the night.

Here's the schedule for Friday:

8pm: Roy Ivy
8:45pm: Mural Finalist Announcement
9pm: Paul Slavens
10pm: Mike Graff
11pm: Pet Hospital

It's a $5 suggested donation to help the Deep Ellum Association (the folks who run Save Deep Ellum) at the door. More about this exciting night coming this week...

Monday Show At Kettle

"Suggested donation of $5.00 to keep gas in these guys tank while they're on the road."

Friday, May 9, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Go to this:

Monday, May 5, 2008

Two Sides of Art

This Thursday two really interesting, and very different art shows are coming to Deep Ellum and Expo Park.

From 7-9pm you can check out the Re*Cov*Er Mural Series submissions at the exhibition's artist reception at Studio Fling located at 2924 Main St. Suite 102. This show will be up for one week only until May 15th. Studio Fling's hours are normally Mon.- Saturday 11-8pm.

Five muralists will be chosen from the submissions to compete on Deep Ellum walls, and will be announced during a benefit at Club Dada on May 16th for the Deep Ellum Association. $5 cover.

On May 24th, when all murals are complete, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes will be handed out at The Prophet Bar. Special performances by Lovie and The Happy Bullets. Free.

Over in Expo Park a little Flesh and Bone:

"Flesh and Bone Erotic Art Show opens this Thursday, May 8th from 6-10pm at Avenue Arts Venue. Featuring a unique collection of Painting, Sculpture, Photography, and Body Art, as well as performance art, the show is proud to be a part of the Exposition Park Gallery Walk."

How fun!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

City Of God

Besides an awesome early afternoon BBQ/birthday party at my girlie's pad, I'll be over at Hal Samples Gallery checking out this:

"Hal Samples has been in love with Brazil and its culture for three years, but it is only now that he has shown publicly the images born of that love. Stark and colorful, the photographs depict a culture free of consumerism and gentrification.

Hal has made five trips to Brazil, where he immersed himself in the beach culture, and befriended those considered by society to be derelicts. It was through these friendships, such as his relationship with Huge Elias, that Hal was able to focus his lens on the most beautiful parts of Brazil’s culture as well as the disquieting problems with crime and poverty that the country faces. These portraits of Brazil are quiet moments of truth amidst a flurry of color and action.

Huge Elias’s photography and video of his life in Brazil offers up a true insider’s eye. Hugo was living on a beach in Rio de Janeiro for 19 years when he and Hal Samples met. Neither man spoke the other’s language. Through their time together in the city, Hugo was introduced to photography and inspired by Hal’s passion for it. Today he has a home, wife, first child, and is a photographer as well as an inspiration for us all. This is Hugo’s first time to show his work in the United States.

Please join us from 6-10pm for our artist reception. Hal Samples will be in attendance to answer any questions you may have about the installation or his time in Brazil. We will be having a performance by Denton band, Florene, at 9pm in the space above the gallery. Please come and share this special work with us. We look forward to seeing you!"

Hal Samples Gallery
2814 Main Street
Suite 101
Dallas, TX, 75226

Friday, May 2, 2008

R Por Favor

May is kicking my butt. More about the weekend later.