Friday, April 18, 2008

Weekend Ender Bender

Lots of things for the weekend folks!

I'm just going to touch on a few:

I just wanted to point out the sponsorship on this one...

It's the first time I've sponsored anything. No, I'm not suddenly rich. I am sponsoring with time and effort, and it's going to be a good time for a good cause:

This one focuses on the darker side of art. A side that really became prevalent when plagues overran Western Europe, and art of beauty switched to art of death and disease. Dismissed as scary and grotesque, many forget that these artists are just as classically skilled as any store-bought Michelangelo reproduction.

Though the popularity of such extreme pop and noir culture is widespread, it’s something that a lot of current galleries are afraid to tackle. Parents are afraid to show their children, and these works only get notice in horror movies and band flyers.

How perfect is it to give this craft it’s due at Red Blood Club with music of the same tempo?

Vorvadoss, Akkolyte, Warcola, Molotov Compromise, and Electric Brown will play sets and the Cadaver Cabaret will join us for a very special performance. Artists include Cathey Miller, Dawn The Butcher, Frank Campagna, Janelle Tohill, Monique Janette, and Turner Scott VanBlarcum.

We will also have BBQ and some tasty vegan dishes.The show is April 19th from 4pm-10pm. All proceeds from this event will go towards helping Red Blood Club (2617 Commerce St.) continue to bring great bands to Deep Ellum.

-photo in flyer from Janelle Tohill


Since I can't clone myself (wouldn't that be cool? or scary), you'll have to go to this opening for me and tell me how much it kicks ass, 'cause it will:

Hal Samples. Luke Harnden. Mark Nelson.
HCG Gallery

Artist Reception: April 19, 2-8pm

HCG Gallery is a bold new gallery on Dragon Street from the same creativeminds that brought Kettle Art Gallery to Deep Ellum.

*Come and Visit the DADA Gallery Walk on Saturday, April 19th.

A full day of the Arts!

-Panel Discussions from 10:30- 2 pm at The MAC.
-Art walk from 2- 8 pm at participating DADA galleries.
-Party from 8- 10 pm at The Gables Villa Rosa.
-Support the Edith Baker Scholarship!

*Next Gallery Walk is Saturday, September 13th, 2-8 pm

Hal says:

Join me for the Grand Opening of The HCG Gallery this Saturday from 2-8 P.M.

I will be showing 10 never released works that form a narrative titled “From a Secret Vantage Point” along side two extremely talented artist (who’s work are out of this world). I’m way excited and proud to be a part of their grand opening and what is happening with art in Dallas. This space they have for the gallery is.. is beautiful… and so are those that run it.

Please, come see us. Cash will be there too.

Peace to you.

Hal and Cash


From Good Records:

Please join us in celebrating our journey that is Good Records…what a long strange trip it’s been.

FREE LIVE MUSIC ALL DAY—Saturday April 19, 2008

Emcee will be John Freeman aka The Dutch Treats.
The Party: Sober, Select, Nature will be on hand spinning tunes throughout
the day.

The Theater Fire 11am
Bridges & Blinking Lights 11:30am
Mom Noon
Matthew And The Arrogant Sea 12:30pm
Doug Burr 1pm
Sarah Jaffe 1:30pm
Fishboy 2pm
Mount Righteous 2:30Pm
John Congleton 3pm
Astronautalis 3:30pm
The Baptist Generals 4pm
Robert Gomez 6pm
Red Monroe 6:30pm
Fight Bite 7:30pm
Frogboy 8pm
The Great Tyrant 8:30pm
Jetscreamer 9pm
Record Hop 10pm
PPT 11pm
The Black Angels Midnite

Good Records
1808 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206


I actually put a hilarious piece of the Flintstones in this show:

artists at the soda gallery
Boob Tube Saturday

Remember those Saturday mornings when the parents were still in bed and you'd sneak into the living room, bowl of cereal in hand, and flip on your favorite Saturday morning cartoons? You knew it was only a matter of time before your mother would be down, yelling at you to "turn that TV off and go outside and play"?

Beginning April 19th, take a trip down memory lane when fifteen of the coolest pop culture artists join together to pay tribute to the classic Saturday morning cartoon.

And don't forget, much of the art is also available at our online store - so start shopping!

Featured Artists Websites
Jonathon Kimbrell


Date: Sunday, April 20, 2008


Where: Life in Deep Ellum, 2803 Taylor Street, Dallas, TX, 75226; featuring Live At Mokah venue, Mokah Art Gallery and the Mokah Coffee Bar

Time: 2:00pm-9:00pm

Tickets: $7 regular admission (available online at, at the M2S2 booth at Good Records on April 19 or at the door; if bringing alcohol per beverage policy, an additional fee of $3 will be charged at the door with proper ID)

$10 if bringing limited alcohol — beer or wine, see beverage policy at in the Blog section (available at Good Records on April 19 or at the door)

In the venue:
Dave Little, MC
Flat People, 3:00-3:30
Airline, 3:45-4:15
Jayson Bales Band, 4:30-5:00
Miles From Nowhere, 5:15-5:45
Salim Nourallah & The Noise, 6:00-6:30
The Slack, 6:45-7:15
Smile Smile, 7:30-8:00
Bridges and Blinking Lights, 8:15-8:45

“Life in a Split Second” by Salim Nourallah

In the lounge:
“Club Dada Afternoon Open Mic” with Jenn Nabb - Times TBD and more artists to be added to the following: Something at the Wheel (brand new duo), Taylor Davis, Blue Petal, Camille Cortinas (from Fishing For Comets), Rahim Quazi

Additional Notes:

o During 15-minute venue set breaks, Cindy Chaffin of The Fine Line will be moderating discussions of the Dallas music scene with industry leaders in the venue.

o We’ve invited Club Dada, which hosts an Open Mic with Jenn Nabb on Sundays, to host an afternoon Open Mic to include staggered sets in the Mokah Coffee Bar lounge beginning the last five minutes of each venue set and extend through the 15-minute break when the summit discussions are taking place in the venue. Everyone is encouraged to head over to Club Dada at the end of M2S2 for the continuation of Open Mic with Jenn Nabb and 10% of all bar sales at Club Dada that evening will be donated to the Carter Albrecht Music Foundation/Life in Deep Ellum organizations.

o We have a few surprises in store that followers of the Dallas music scene don’t want to miss!

o A limited preview of pieces for the May 1 “MUSIC in the LIFE of carter” art exhibit and fundraiser to be held in the Mokah Art Gallery will be on display.

o By end of day tomorrow, should be back up with latest info and continuing updates thru Saturday. Due to date change logistics and other priority items, the revised site has been delayed.

* I totally copied this last one from Cindy