Tuesday, April 29, 2008


One thing that has really disappointed me in a lot of local live shows lately is their lack of theatrics. I don't include jumping around, tossing water on the crowd, or flipping people off as theatrics. I mean, yeah, that's tough, but I think it's tougher to wear outrageous costumes, paint your face, and transform yourself into something completely un-human.

By these standards of elaborate theatrics, Vorvadoss is the must-see act in Dallas this year. The first time I witnessed these guys, I nearly got sparks down my shirt, and the second time my legs and feet were caked in some fake blood type substance.

It's messy, but I promise you their act is formed and laden with intentional references to various occult mythology and antipop culture. The music is as intelligent as it is dark, beautiful as it is violent. Interviewing Vorvadoss is kind of like communicating with Aleister Crowley, terrifying, yet entrancing in that I-thought-this-guy-was-dead-way...

SR: How was Vorvadoss born?

V: On several planes of existence, a unique colony of microform beings arise around the creation of every cosmologically conceived solar system. In these microcolonies various demi-gods and avatars are enmeshed within the conscious systems of reality(maya). They sometimes disguise themselves as symbols, language, people or even music.

As a whole the entity known as "Vorvadoss" was conceived long before we were even aware of it. "It" merely sent out an amplitory signal(or homing beacon) and we in turn received this beacon and followed it to the source.

SR: Can you please delve into the unique mythology that seems to surround your music and stage performance?

V: While we can't go into too much detail here (certain contracts/pacts made with alien/eldritch beings wouldn't be too happy about that), we can tell you that our modus operandi belies a certain macroscopic permutation along a static line of bilateral consciousness.

In fact you could say that while we act locally in the third dimension, we are in fact counter-reacting along several different axial points in-time with pre-calibrated nucleic membranes that correspond to the various sephiroth and anima mundi pivots in time-space.

Our purpose is too bring these into a cognitive sphere through live audio/visual/spiritual mutation metamorphosis and bring the viewer into an experience of the "Mysterium Tremendum" spoken of by the German theologian Rudolph Otto in his book "The Idea of the Holy". Numinous.

SR: Who are some of your influences (musically, visually, philosophically, locally)?

V: A lot of our influence comes from various occult tomes, surrealist manifestos, candy wrappers, false teeth, old homes, insects, moss, wendigo respirators, weird swords and the like.

If we had to name a few names: H.P. Lovecraft, Terrence Mckenna, Hieronymus Bosch, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Henry Miller, The Residents, Neurosis, Wolves in the Throne Room, The Church of the Subgenius, etc.

SR: Where do you get the elaborate props you use for your performances?

V: All the sacraments used in our ceremonies are blessed by the appropriate deities first and made by us under the guidance of our stellar microbial friends from Yuggoth.

SR: The past couple times I've seen you, each performance grows in creativity and grandeur. What can we expect from future shows?

V: We've recently added a 6th member to the musical aspect of our performance who will be playing synths, so this will greatly enhance the overall ambience of the project in conjuring various ephemera and sacrosanctual environments.

SR: What would happen if Vorvadoss conquered consumer America? The world?

V: In silence we steal across the blanketed streams of anterior space and fall into place where listless souls gasp and sputter vague and restless calls from some blasted out machine from outside from outside outside this plane we are calling we are calling, they are calling, answer the call...

On May 2, Vorvaodoss will invade the Bar of Soap with Warcola, End Times, and Youth In Arms.

- Art by Jason Barnett, photos from Vorvadoss's page except the final photo (I took that one on April 19th @ Red Blood Club)


Marc said...

How were you even able to spell all those crazy words. Sounds like a wicked good show!

Cesar Palacios said...

You didn't ask when they started or the names and what interment the members play? Great interview though! I just can't find any info on who plays in Vorvadoss and when they started.

Alison said...

They are no longer a band and I no longer run this site actively. They wished to be considered as one entity.