Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mark It.

Your calendar that is...

For April 19th.

This is the first in a series of themed art/music events I'm sponsoring (with time, food, and effort) in Deep Ellum and Fair Park.

This one focuses on the darker side of art. A side that really became prevalent when plagues overran Western Europe, and art of beauty switched to art of death and disease. Dismissed as scary and grotesque, many forget that these artists are just as classically skilled as any store-bought Michelangelo reproduction.

Though the popularity of such extreme pop and noir culture is widespread, it’s something that a lot of current galleries are afraid to tackle. Parents are afraid to show their children, and these works only get notice in horror movies and band flyers.

How perfect is it to give this craft it’s due at Red Blood Club with music of the same tempo?

Vorvadoss, Akkolyte, Warcola, Molotov Compromise, and Electric Brown will play sets and the Cadaver Cabaret will join us for a very special performance. Artists include Cathey Miller, Dawn The Butcher, Frank Campagna, Janelle Tohill, Monique Janette, and Turner Scott VanBlarcum.

We will also have BBQ and some tasty vegan dishes.The show is April 19th from 4pm-10pm. All proceeds from this event will go towards helping Red Blood Club (2617 Commerce St.) continue to bring great bands to Deep Ellum.

-photo in flyer from Janelle Tohill

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