Tuesday, April 22, 2008

DEEP is meeting tonight @ Sol's Taco Lounge @ 9pm. Here's the agenda:

  1. Last Week
    M2S2/ DADA/ DART Meeting/ Earth Day/ Night Of
    the White Pants
  2. Deep Ellum Sellum 5/10 4pm till ???
    a. Ruth and Dena to oversee
    b. Chad to Get Contacts to Ruth
    c. Marc to get DJ and Frank to OK Space
  3. Charity Event
    a. Kelly and Tiff to head up? freetheslaves.net
  4. Crime Watch and DPD meeting
    a. Emails sent to the Police & New Contact
    b. Chad Armstrong and Marc to follow up
  5. Coupon Campaign
    a. email sent out to Tanner and DERC
    b. Randee to follow up
    c. Kelly to sent out link to DE coupon cite
    d. Doug at Murray Street is on board
  1. Become a Member of the DEA
    a. If you are not signed up please do it!
    b. Discount Cards
  1. Future Projects and Events
    a. Emails out to galleries for email listing
    b. Town Hall event with Mayor Tom Leppert and Alan Govenar (DEA)
    d. Are you receiving emails?

Cool Things! (because that guy Justin at the Observer doesn't seem to know where Deep Ellum is)

April 23 Converge at the Profit Bar
April 24 The Shackletons at Double Wide
Apr 25 Deke Dickerson & The Ecco-phonics
at All Good Cafe
April 25 & 26 Continental Gin Open Studios
April 26 Ultra Violet Rock Show For CF @ Dada
May 1 DEA mixer @ Daddy Jacks
May 2 Mural Competition drop off deadline contact Alison for more info
May 3 Last day to see Neil Young's Greedndale at Undermain

May 3 Hal Samples Film and Art "The City Of God"
May 8 Expo Art Walk
May 10 Sankofa grand opening celebration (already open though)

May 10 Black Joe Lewis at the Double Wide
May 11 Voodoo Glow Skulls at The Door
May 13 UNKNOWN HINSON / Boys Named Sue / Spector 45 / Fish Fry Bingo at Dada
May 15 Northern State at the Profit Bar
May 24 Re*Cov*Er Mural Competition
May 30 – June 1 CADD Art Fair
May 31Lollipop Shop @ Dada
May 31 Avenue Arts Venue surreal art & experimental

New & Coming Soon: Mouth; Sankofa; Adlibs, Cowboy Chow See Tiffany's write-ups for a more thorough descript on all these new faces... then go to yelp.com and say something good about all of them
Next Meeting Locations
4/29 Omega’s (? To Confirm)
5/6 First Tuesday @ Kettle Art guest speaker Cindy Chaffin and Jeff Liles
5/13 Dada (Frank to confirm)
5/20 Amsterdam (Angelica to Confirm)
5/27 ???

I would like to note that the Avenue Arts Venue show is the next event sponsored by The Sub-Rosa. I'll have more details in the next couple weeks, but I can tell you that it will feature some mind bending artwork from some of the Dallas's outstanding artists, and a set by the wonderful gentlemen of Yells At Eels.

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Warhol Reject said...

Cool Things! (because that guy Justin at the Observer doesn't seem to know where Deep Ellum is)"

That "Justin" guy is not affiliated with us - FYI ;) Trust me, we ALL do know where DE is!