Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Votin Day

I usually don't get too involved in politics here, but I really think voting is important. If nothing else, it gives you the right to bitch (well that and and a lot of people died for you right).

I'm going not going to tell you who I'm voting for, but that you should go vote! Young people complain all the time about the old fogies in power, but never vote. Guess who does vote? The old fogies.

Click here to find out if you're registered and what precinct you have to vote in. On election day you must vote in your designated precinct. My precinct is in Denton because I was too lazy to move my registration when I moved to Dallas, so now I get to fight traffic. Yippie!

Click here to learn more about Hilary Clinton and here for Barak Obama.

Here's a bit of the Texas Democratic debates if you missed 'em:

Why am I so supportive of the Democrats? Well the other contest is downright BORING...

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