Monday, March 3, 2008

Tatsuya's Different Kind of Rhythm

So, last night (3.2) Kettle hosted a jaw dropping performance by Tatsuya Nakatani. When I say jaw dropping I mean I really had to push my mouth closed several times, especially during his solo performance.

I've never seen a man play cymbals with a bow or blow into a tiny cymbal laying on a drum using the raised air current to create sound.

His instruments ranged from a bass drum to a bowl to broken cymbals.

He mastered as much sound as a symphony and the delicacy of a whisper.

When he played with the featured guests Aaron Gonzalez (standup bass), Stefan Gonzalez (drums), Carl Smith (tenor sax), and Kenny Withrow (guitar), the room vibrated with creativity.

Each musician fed off of the others to create a sound that was neither eastern nor western, but somewhere right between, pulling from the two. The room was full of chaos and harmony at once. They all led and followed in turn, taking us through heavy climaxes and light waves of soft rhythm.

Every one used their instruments in non conventional ways, as though the instrument was leading it's master, the true master not being of human form.

Tatsuya Nakatani gave me insight to forms of music I'd not conceived, and I'm grateful I went to Kettle for what proved to be an eye-opening evening.

- pitcure from the Tatsuya myspace page.

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Anonymous said...

We were all glad to see you out last night Alison. It was indeed a great show and at least somebody came out to cover it. Mind blowing for sure and Kettle never looked so nice.