Monday, March 17, 2008

Taking Shots For Art!

Taking Shots For Art
A Judged Competition of Concoctions

Art by Larry Carey, Diablo,Texas, Richard Ross, Joe Skillz

Music by Holy Diver, The Ku
l, and The Grassfight, and DJ Earwig
March 20th, 8-11pm, $5

The Deep Ellum Association and The Amsterdam bar are excited to host Taking Shots For Art on Thursday March 20th. This competition will feature several local bartenders slinging their favorite shots to a panel of "artistic" judges including Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali.. All funds raised will benefit the Deep Ellum Association and the Art-a-lot-a-thon (an upcoming grassroots art fair). This benefit will feature the talent of local musicians Holy Diver, The Kul, The Grassfight, and DJ Earwig, and local artists Larry Carey, Diablo,Texas, Richard Ross and Joe Skillz.

Larry Carey's ink mandalas have been attracting all the right kind of attention on the DFW progressive art scene. Tiny detail and a sense of humor prevail in his work. Diablo, Texas's creatures come from an imagination rich with comic art and subculture. Richard Ross creates his own social/political universe through bright colors and metaphoric creatures. Joe Skillz, along with Matt Orwig and Envy, will create artwork live.

The music of the night starts off with Denton's Grassfight. The Grassfight mixes curious sound with infectious rhythm and hypnotic vocals to create a sound that is progressive and new wave retroactive at the same time. Next up is The Kul who deliciously mix jazz, funk, soul, blues and psychedelic rock to form a genre of their own. Then there's Holy Diver. Holy Diver is somewhat of a local phenomenon of fun in the DFW area. With their mini instruments, on stage banter, and high energy, it's hard not to enjoy these guys. In between sets DJ Earwig will spin some mind-bending sounds.

This is a one night event sure to expose patrons to the Dallas twist on drink, music, and, art!

The Amsterdam Bar
831 Exposition Ave.
Dallas, TX 75226
For more information, please email or call 214.748.4332

Tomorrow: An Interview With Holy Diver

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