Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Red Blood Club Is Bleeding.

I really try to keep things positive and happy here on The Sub-Rosa, but today we are going to have a quick reality check. A reality check on what really makes Dallas "suck".

Do you know what the real problem with Dallas is?

A lack of solidarity.

Rather than go support a great local band (Holy shit we actually have those... really!) or local venue, most people would rather bitch about past glory. I hear "Deep Ellum will never be what it used to be" all the time. DUH. Nothing will ever be what it used to be. That's called time.

Yes, it's important to respect your past (and we have a great musical past), but it's also important to support what's here. YOU have to do this, not wait around for things to get awesome on their own. YOU are important, and there are venues like RBC that need your help. Doesn't that make you feel important? It should.

We have clubs who pull in great acts that are getting mowed over by many factors, among them big, overpriced venues, and a lack of support. When you don't go to the shows, please don't bitch about the lack of venues hosting good shows, or how expensive the good shows are getting. Without attendance, these places suffer, and therefore the "scene" suffers too.

Elm St. Bar, a place where I came of age, is gone. GONE. I learned to play pool there. Now Darkside is GONE. They are rescheduling shows as I'm writing this including Mods vs. Rockers. (If you are a band scheduled @ Darkside, NOW would be a good time to make sure you've talked with Sean about rescheduling at another venue.)

There is another place in Deep Ellum to see great punk and metal shows that needs YOUR help: Red Blood Club.

Unless you actually like paying 9 or 10 bucks for a shot and $30 for a show, I suggest you go here and check out Red Blood's schedule. There are great acts coming, and hell they do BBQs and movie nights. We're even putting on an art show (w/ music) there in April.

That's a picture of the US Bombs who just played Red Blood, and right below it is the Subhumans. Two great bands that have graced
Red Blood's stage in the past year.

Red Blood's reopening (1yr) anniversary/St. Pat's Day Party is on March 17. If you're like me and you can't stand the awful yuppies on Greenville, you'll be @ Red Blood supporting what the hell punk and metal is supposed to be about!

Show some love.


Anonymous said...

I knew Elm St was gone, now Darkside too? Crap! and RBC is hurting? Christ, shut it all down, gut it out, rebuild it and name it Westdale-isneyland.

Alison said...

I would like to reply to this comment by saying that this is exactly the negative attitude that shut these clubs down in the first place.
What you SHOULD do is go support Red Blood.
Defeatist attitudes are what's REALLY wrong with Dallas. This "I can't do anything but give up" is not going to solve a damn thing. We still have Red Blood, Reno's and Double Wide giving us affordable punk and metal, so GO SHOW SUPPORT!

Anonymous said...

I've been booking punk shows at the Red Blood Club for over 4 years. I've also done a handful of shows over at the Darkside Lounge (RIP). Attendance plays a part in the problems we're having. I've had shows that had hundreds of folks and shows that had around a dozen. Folks had a good time regardless. More folks just need to come out if only to drink and socialize - that means bars need more bar specials and start relying on bar sales to keep the doors open, not door %'s from shows (especially if a show bombs and the band has a guarantee). We dont need a lot of places competing for the same drinking base, but we do need more places willing to book more shows (especially on week nights - take a chance people!) - too many unknown touring punk acts cant get shows in this town. That is why so many bands skip over Dallas. We have the venues. We have the fans. We just cant seem to mesh them together for the bands. that is my $.02.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I also booked and promoted the St. Paddy's Day show. I did the one 2 years ago and last year at the RBC as well. So, Tell folks to come out and celebrate with some great punk rock bands.