Saturday, March 1, 2008

No Way/8CAC

I'd like to review one of the bands from Melodica and release an interview that I've been sitting on. I had planned to do this earlier in the week, but I've been extremely ill.

On this past Sunday (2.23), I saw a band with a few people who's ingenuity I've admired for the last year: No Way. This band features Lars Larson (Undoing of David Wright, War Wizards) and Shane English (Chief Death Rage, and like a million other bands).

I was still waking up about the time this act started, and I'll be damned if I wasn't shocked into alertness faster than a caffeine iv in my forehead.

The electronic bleeps and screams, and insistent drum patches (I've been told that they program those drum pads that Shane was beating on themselves), didn't just perk my interest, it commanded it. Lars's voice reminded me strangely, but comfortingly, of a commander of some post-apocalyptic army desperately giving orders to an army on the brink of a final conflict. An army of guys in purple t-shirts.

The guy (I have no clue what his name is) doing the visuals turned the camera on the audience and proceeded to melt us with acid on a large screen. Couple this with the urgent noise and you have one hell of an early evening show.

I've always been a fan of anything that demands my focus. Anything that jerks my senses and forces my whole being to give complete attention. Too many times do we go see live music and spend the evening being "seen" or "seeing" who the "cool" people around us are in the room.

Most acts are like background filler. You pay attention, kinda, but you have no problem socializing during the show. This is not the case during No Way. The intensity grips you, the sound nearly breaks your skull (I really ought to consider earplugs), but you like it.

If you don't, well, I guess you'd better go find some folk band to socialize to, 'cause progressive music like No Way might interrupt your fragile mind...

-photos from No Way's myspace page.

Now that I've seen them preform live I can release this interview. I've sat on it for a few months, because I honestly didn't get it. It seemed to impersonal and too much like talking to robots, and I've always tried to show humanity with my interviews.

Now I get it.

The 8CAC

Last year (May?), Lars Larson invited me to a meeting at the 8th Continent. At that time I had started a web magazine called "The Gristle and the Pulp", which eventually turned into The Sub-Rosa. During this very serious meeting, which included members of The Undoing of David Wright, The Denton Catalog, Eat Avery's Bones, and Christian Teenage Runaway, the birth of the 8th Continent Artists Council (8CAC) was discussed.

I was impressed to say the least. Usually group meetings, especially among young people, have arguments, self bolstering, and little, if any, structure.

This was the direct opposite. You could tell that these guys had planned and sincerely thought about their objective. I left thinking, "Something good is going on in Denton."

The following is an interview with not one person, but the collective known as the 8CAC:

SR: What does the 8cac stand for? What is the eighth continent?

8CAC: 8th Continent Arts Council is a gathering of artistically minded explorers with an interest in the evolution of community and multimedia collaboration in the New World of digitalization. The 8th Continent is an eternal idea -- it encompasses all stories of lost civilizations and the resurfacing of ancient thought. For 8CAC, the allusion is purposed as a geographical metaphor in which to set our narrative of evolving digital communication. We wish to avoid association with specific footholds in the meat world.

Check out this video: The Undoing of David Wright - Exotika

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SR: What are your goals?

8CAC: To experiment in all facets of collaborative distribution/promotional processes and creative methods, in the journey to develop utopian artistic community prototypes. We prepare for the impending day in which the music industry and other commercial art constructs will cease to exist, and alternative mindsets of creation must evolve.

SR: Who came up with this idea?

8CAC: Many entities of the past, present and future.

SR: Tell me how you pick an artist or musician.

8CAC: Our performance and visual art initiatives include content and projects of active, contributing members of 8CAC. We are not a record label, although the distribution of products both produced by 8CAC and by other artists is a facet of our existence. Membership in the council occurs when an interested artist begins contributing to our community, and expresses interest in an official association with 8CAC.

Council members review the application, and a decision is made based on potential merit and benefit to the organization as a whole. Membership in the council is revoked after a period of inactivity. We believe in both giving and receiving, so our internal affairs are highly structured to maximize creative output. However, all interested entities are welcome to associate themselves as citizens of The 8th Continent, and participate in our initiatives and goals.

Exotika - A Short Film by The Undoing of David Wright

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SR:What kind of an impact would the 8cac like to make on the Dallas/Ft.worth/Denton community?

8CAC: Our primary concern is the colonization of The 8th Continent, although our performance broadcasts back home to the meat world are intended to challenge current attitudes towards the future of underground art communities and creative processes.

- videos and photos from and Christian Teenage Runaway's myspace page.

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