Friday, March 7, 2008

A Lot of Art!

Here are five major art openings in the Deep Ellum/Expo Park area this Saturday:

@ The Public Trust:
Primer: An exhibition focusing on entry level art collecting

The Public Trust is located at 2919-C Commerce St. in Deep Ellum.

How Else Can I Say This?


Featuring: New Works by Sarah Maxwell English and David Willburn
500x is located at 500 Exposition Ave. in Expo Park.

@ Studio Fling:
1 Year Anniversary


Featuring: Art by Rob Jr., Stephen Hernden, and Mark Waters. Music by Electric Brown and Jared Shanklin. Spoken Word by Hammer.
Studio Fling is located at 3101 Commerce St. in Deep Ellum.

@ Barry Whistler Gallery:
Andrea Rosenbug

Barry Whistler is located at 2909-B Canton St. in Deep Ellum.

@ Road Agent:
Palace Does Dallas


Featuring: Work by Austin artists Sterling Allen, Peat Duggins, and Ali Fitzgerald.
Road Agent is located at 2909-A Canton St. in Deep Ellum.

I'm going to try and hit 'em all, you should too! Don't be scared...

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