Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Eyes and Ears

So, to raise money for the Art-a-lot-a-thon (a festival in Expo Park celebrating the beauty that is Texas undergound art and music), several fund raisers are goin down this year.

The first one Taking Shots For Art is coming up @ Amsterdam Bar on March 20.

This is just plain fun! It features local bartenders doling out shots, great bands like Holy Diver, The Kul, and The Grassfight and local artists Larry Carey, Diablo,Texas, Richard Ross, Joe Skillz, Matt Orwig, and Envy.

The next few fund raisers focus on specific types of art and music that compliment each other.

Next up is Macabre Tales For Eyes and Ears @ Red Blood Club in April.

There is a genre of artwork that is fantastical and terrifying.

From mankind's earliest days (no
matter what the culture, no matter what the religion) we have obsessed about death, plague, evil, infection, and darkness.

Artists since the dawn of time have conceptualized these fears in visual masterpieces. From depictions of the Bubonic Plague in Europe, to fantasy art, to the works of HR Giger, the morbid has chased mankind for centuries.

This show will take gruesome art and mix it with a loud and shocking musical equivalent. (Yea! metal!)

Don't get too freaked out, in the land of tarot, the death card means change,
and South America celebrates Day of the Dead.

Aw, hell I might even cook! (Not brains you weirdo.)

This show is in need of artists. If you are interested, please email me at or

The next two fund raisers will feature the surreal art with experimental music and visuals and then modern art with improv/experimental jazz.

As dates roll out for those I will keep you posted, and again, anyone who's interested in any of this should contact me by email.

- Artwork pictured: "Death as a Cutthroat" by Alfred Rethel and Li II by HR Giger, and The Three Ages of Death by Hans Baldung Grien.

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