Monday, March 31, 2008

Art For Puppies and Kittens!

This might be the cutest art show this year, or at least the beneficiaries are the cutest beneficiaries of the year.

The SPCA of Texas & Gallery 2910 cordially invite you to attend

Paws & Prints: A PURR-fect Event

Thursday, April 3, 2008

6pm - 8pm

Gallery 2910
2910 Commerce Ave
Dallas, TX 75226

Enjoy an artist reception for
artist Kristine Byars and photographer Heather Pollard
live entertainment by Party Pets
and silent auction to benefit the SPCA of Dallas

The first 100 guests will receive a gift bag

Event Tickets: $20

Ticket proceeds, silent auction and 15% of artwork sales the night of the event benefit the SPCA of Texas

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Friday, March 28, 2008

After The Tattoo

It's your last chance to see this show. There will be a lot of peeps from the tattoo convention kicking it, and bugging Havi and Marie is always a blast!

Friday, March 28th from 7-10p.m.
Kettle Art
2714 Elm Street

"Tomorrow come the Wolves… The title of this show is a direct response to the gentrification of the Deep Ellum area. The tattoo shops have been under fire for years by developers yet still remain strong despite the loss of many night clubs / live music venues in recent times. This show opens this Saturday, March 15 from 7:00 - 10:00 pm at Kettle Art, located at 2714 Elm in Deep Ellum. Featured are artists Nick Ley, Marie Sena, Rob Benevides, Jorge Perez, Cory Lehner, Aaron Clemons, Caleb Barnard, the legendary Richard Stell and a host of over 30 other tattoo artists from across the US.

This show culminates with a closing party, Friday, March 28th, in conjunction with an international tattoo convention at the Dallas Convention Center. Free bus rides will be provided to Kettle Art and an after party featuring Thorn vs. Side, The Dead City Shakers and Spector 45 at Club Dada."

Art Art Art Art Art

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Par=tay for the Hood!

Come out to Gallery 2910 (2910 Commerce) Thursday March 27 (TONIGHT!) from 6-8 pm to meet your neighbors and see what everyone’s up to in Deep Ellum.

DEA March Mixer

You've Got To Be Kidding Me!!!!

There's actually a positive article about Deep Ellum in the Observer?

Yep. Click here to check it out.

Talk Show @ Space

You can check out a live talk show of sorts that's going on today at Space.

Go to The Fine Line at 1pm to view a show about the police arresting all the homeless people in Deep Ellum this morning.

Really folks, this is an issue that has many sides, and none of them are anything short of complicated.

-photo by Hal Samples

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jazz at Dada

I simply LOVE Yells at Eels. The Gonzalez family makes me smile. You should go and let them make you smile!

2 More SUP Hearings Today

A little bird just sent me this information about the SUP hearings going on today:

"Bar of Soap & July Alley are going up for SUP's today at City Hall... pretty sure it's the 5th floor and can be heard on WRR 101.1FM or online and the agenda can be downloaded here"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Last Call For Artists!

I need a few more artists to participate in an event on April 19th:

Macabre Tales for Eyes and Ears: A Benefit for Red Blood Club.

If you do skulls, corpses, or other creepy, gruesome artwork that might not fit into a typical gallery, we want you!
You don't have to donate an entire piece, we only ask for 20% IF it sells.
We will have metal and punk bands playing and a BBQ outside.
All proceeds will benefit the Red Blood Club, a great local club fighting to continue to bring you great shows!

I am also in need of clamp lights!!!!

Please email me @ OR

PS. If you do surreal artwork, I am starting to take submissions for a surreal show coming up @ Avenue Arts Venue on May 31st. Please email me at the above addresses for that information as well.


DEEP is meeting tonight (3.25) at The Fallout Lounge.

The Fallout Lounge is located at 835 Exposition Ave.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Taking Shots Pics

Click here for pictures of the festivities of the night by Melanie Gomez.

And my wonderful Cindy got some neat video footage as well!

Here's a few videos from Cindy:

Mike Scheel of Amsterdam Bartending

The Grassfight Playing

Frankie Showing 'em How It's Done

Weekend Stuff!

Thanks to everyone for the awesome night! Taking Shots For Art was super fun, and super exhausting...

There's some cool stuff coming for the weekend, but I'm too exhausted to get wordy so click the links...

This got moved to Reno's @ 201 N. Crowdus St.

Actually, this flyer is all the info. I've got on this one, but I know Dylan is involved...

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Today is Taking Shots For Art Day!!!!! To get you pumped up for this evening's festivities (@Amsterdam Bar 8-11pm), I'm posting artwork from three of the artists that will be participating this evening:

by Joe Skillz

by Larry Carey

... and click here to read about Holy Diver and here to read about The Grassfight, both of whom are playing tonight.

... and, damnit, just come, it's 5 bucks.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Romance is Coming to DFW

So, there's this whole group of writers that you may or may not know about, but they sell a ton of books.

Their stories range from Westerns, Historical, Fantasy, Humor, Erotic, and Contemporary.

They have a huge following here Dallas. They also have seminars, workshops, and speakers dedicated to helping new and veteran writers perfect their craft.

They are The Dallas Area Romance Writers (DARA).

Before you roll your eyes and call it fluff (like all the literary elitists I've worked with at various bookstore positions), you should probably give them credit for writing in the highest selling genre, consistently encouraging new talent, and bringing internationally recognized authors to the area.

They are holding their conference Dreaming In Dallas this year at the Southfork Hotel in Plano, Texas April 4th and 5th. If you are an aspiring writer, you can attend the workshops and lectures they'll be hosting. Click here for registration/conference info.

If you're like me, and you love to read, they'll be having a book signing on April 4th 7-9pm, which is free and open to the public. I get like 10 books at these every year, and all the ladies (and men, there are guys there too) are super awesome and friendly. Click here for book signing info.

...and for all those literary elitists, I've read everything from James Joyce to Charles Bukowski and all the Kerouac's between, and damnit, sometimes you just want a good love story (like Jane Austen)...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh Holy Diver

There is magic in a Holy Diver show. Blessed little flakes of magic actually fall upon your face like freckles of heaven. Well, not really, but everyone sure has a damned good time.

The tunes are familiar, but played so big and over the top that even the snobbiest anti-cover hipster can't hold back a smile for long. Their instruments are ridiculously tiny (have you ever seen a guy crazy enough to attempt Tom Sawyer on a mini kit?). Their on stage banter keeps you rolling between songs. In a town plagued with crappy cover bands, Holy Diver stands out as an anomoly because they are actually good.

Holy Diver is made up of guitarist Lee May, bassist John Hardy and drummer Joe Hardy... and a lot of imagination.

Recently Lee and John answered some earth breaking questions to unveil the true nature of their collective beast. Oh, and one word of advice: don't call Holy Diver a cover band. I've heard that Lee May eats superheroes for breakfast...

Tell me about the birth of Holy Diver.

LM: Holy Diver was born with Hell Hounds on their trail. We’ve been running ever since to protect the miniature instruments that give us power.

SR: Why is Holy Diver important to the universe?

LM: That’s a catch 22. Without Holy Diver, there would be no universe, and without a universe, there would be no Holy Diver. And without Holy Diver, everyone is dead inside.

JH: 42. Follow me on this one... There are three members in Holy Diver. Each member thinks with his own brain. Each member is part of a human body. Each body has a brain. Thus, Holy Diver actually has 6 brains in 3 bodies.

That's a rarity on Earth. Actually, that's rare anywhere this side of Orion's Crotch-Cluster Nebula. So, 42. 4 plus 2 is 6. 6 brains divided by 3 bodies is 2 brains apiece. It's that simple... also our drummer is almost 42.

SR: What is Holy Diver made of?

LM: Mostly carbon, with trace elements of true grit.

JH: Mostly flatulent gas... mostly.

SR: How do you feel when people call you a "cover band"? What kind of stigma is attached to that phrase?

LM: It wouldn’t matter really. We’re just 3 guys who love music and love playing music. Besides, haven’t you heard “I’m in love with a mannequin man again?” That ain’t no cover.

JH: It doesn't hurt our feelings, as we do currently play mostly covers ...mostly. But the truth is, we're more than a cover band because we're still original. Not only with the visual spectacle of mini-instruments, but we're transitioning into a completely original act.

In the meantime, we play a slew of cover tunes and take them to new places. Think about all the greats... Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles... they all started off playing 'covers' of classic blues tunes like "Dust My Broom", "Love in Vain", "Travellin Riverside Blues", and they all put their own twist on 'em. So, we're doing the same they did with more modern material... elaborating on songs like "Sunshine of Your Love", "Hey Joe", "Team America", and more.

Take our version of "Holy Diver" for example. It's all ours, and let's just see Ronnie James Dio try and take it back.

Can you tell me about some of the other bands you've each been in?

I used to be in a band in High School called Downfall, where we played mostly Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins.
JH: Well, we've all got our own long stories, so I, Johnny, will just speak for myself. In the year 2000, My brother and I were half of a progressive instrumental rock act called SolarSoundSystem. It was a bitchin band, but our creative differences took over and the group stopped seeing things the same way.

Soon after, Joe and I were right back on the horse with a long time friend playing bass, and I started singing. We formed a 3 piece along the lines of Helmet, the Melvins, and HUM, called HARDIS. Again, a very promising act, but we just couldn't keep it together.

All the while, Joe, Johnny, and Lee may, were playing house parties and such with tiny gear, and it eventually took on a life of it's own.

What exactly is it that makes your shows so fun? Do you give out really great drugs? Do you employ a magician? Are you magicians?

You don’t need drugs. Our shows are fun because we are having more fun than anyone, and that’s contagious. And I could make the Statue of Liberty disappear if I cared to. (magician)

JH: Since we possess possessed instruments, our notes possess our audience. They can't help but cheer and dance and flash their boobs and make out hard and simulate sex in the frenzy that is created. So, in a way, Holy Diver does invoke Voodoot doot doot doot to take everyone to the Wishing Tree and, and that's a magical place.

SR: Is Lee May a human?

JH: Now that's a question we aren't asked too often. The most frequent query is, "Is the Crotch Machine really a machine?" But, I guess we'll have to save that for another interview since the question was about Lee May's humanity.

He is a human, but it's questionable whether or not he's been modified with high-performance parts. The first thing his mother said when he was born was, "What's wrong with his head?!" And his father asked, "What's wrong with his feet?!" So, the answer is yes, he is an authentic human. Only slightly smaller-than-standard, and improved with modern technology of braces.

LM: No.

SR: Where are some of your favorite places to play?

Dyer St Bar, Lakewood Bar and Grill, [and] the Cavern.

On the local level, we really dig the Dyer St. Bar and the Cavern. We've had some bitchin shows at the Lakewood Bar & Grill too.

But I think we're best at atypical venues that aren't used to hosting bands. Not only are we a slightly smaller-than-standard self-contained, self-sufficient unit that can fit in any corner, anytime, anywhere, we're also the fastest set-up break-down band this side of the Sirius Star System.

So, I'd say our favorite place to play is outside-the-box. Private parties, house parties, weddings... them's are always a riot. We're especially on fire when there's cake. We love cake... and eating it too. We shine at big parties when we can live up to our Rawkus-n-Roll reputation. We love playing for strangers in strange lands, so we welcome out of town gigs when they're offered.

Recently, we had an F-ing blast in Winter Park, Colorado. In fact, we almost caused an avalanche from the rowdy crowd cheering and chanting and stomping all those happy feet. That's where it's at. Life on the road. Love in an elevator
SR: Who are some of you favorite local acts?

LM: White Light Fever, Hello Lover

Electric Brown, and the PaperchAse, are my top two.

But I tell you what, every act at the latest Obscenely Unseen show was outta sight! Every one. Record Hop, Bridges and Blinking Lights, Laura Palmer... and all the others whose names escape me. Also, gotta give a salute to Victory March. Those cats have come along way and hold promise.

Oh yes, and MUTHER is a massive juggernaut of outrageous power and a behemoth in the mire of psyche-sludge.

How on earth do you guys play so many damned shows?

Again, we are only vessels for the instruments we possess, which possess us.

LM: Where there is a demand, there is Holy Diver. We’re taking over 2008, and we’re super excited about the future. We have almost an entire album of original material in the works, and will be recording soon. That’ll show em’.

Holy Diver is playing this Thursday (3.20) at Amsterdam Bar for Taking Shots For Art with The Kul and The Grassfight.

-all pictures taken from Holy Diver's myspace page.

Can You Tango?

Kettle Art Gallery is hosting some tango lessons!

Coming to Kettle Art
this Tuesday March 18, 2008


8-9 p.m. class, $10,

9-10 p.m. practice, $5

www. nocturnatango. com

Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Pat's Day

Here's where to go tonight:

Taking Shots For Art!

Taking Shots For Art
A Judged Competition of Concoctions

Art by Larry Carey, Diablo,Texas, Richard Ross, Joe Skillz

Music by Holy Diver, The Ku
l, and The Grassfight, and DJ Earwig
March 20th, 8-11pm, $5

The Deep Ellum Association and The Amsterdam bar are excited to host Taking Shots For Art on Thursday March 20th. This competition will feature several local bartenders slinging their favorite shots to a panel of "artistic" judges including Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali.. All funds raised will benefit the Deep Ellum Association and the Art-a-lot-a-thon (an upcoming grassroots art fair). This benefit will feature the talent of local musicians Holy Diver, The Kul, The Grassfight, and DJ Earwig, and local artists Larry Carey, Diablo,Texas, Richard Ross and Joe Skillz.

Larry Carey's ink mandalas have been attracting all the right kind of attention on the DFW progressive art scene. Tiny detail and a sense of humor prevail in his work. Diablo, Texas's creatures come from an imagination rich with comic art and subculture. Richard Ross creates his own social/political universe through bright colors and metaphoric creatures. Joe Skillz, along with Matt Orwig and Envy, will create artwork live.

The music of the night starts off with Denton's Grassfight. The Grassfight mixes curious sound with infectious rhythm and hypnotic vocals to create a sound that is progressive and new wave retroactive at the same time. Next up is The Kul who deliciously mix jazz, funk, soul, blues and psychedelic rock to form a genre of their own. Then there's Holy Diver. Holy Diver is somewhat of a local phenomenon of fun in the DFW area. With their mini instruments, on stage banter, and high energy, it's hard not to enjoy these guys. In between sets DJ Earwig will spin some mind-bending sounds.

This is a one night event sure to expose patrons to the Dallas twist on drink, music, and, art!

The Amsterdam Bar
831 Exposition Ave.
Dallas, TX 75226
For more information, please email or call 214.748.4332

Tomorrow: An Interview With Holy Diver

Friday, March 14, 2008

@ Red Blood Club This Weekend




It's been a while since I skipped "R" Day. I'd fire myself, but that would suck...


Yea! Space is fun!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Not Going to SXSW?

Don't fret! There's tons of stuff to do this weekend up here:

Friday Night:

Red Monroe is playing with Brirdmonster and Holy Trinity River.

Saturday Night:

@ Kettle Art Gallery:Tomorrow Come The Wolves (art show)

Featured are artists Nick Ley, Marie Sena, Rob Benevides, Jorge Perez, Cory Lehner, Aaron Clemons Caleb Barnard, the legendary Richard Stell and a host of over 30 other tattoo artists from across the globe.

Sloppyworld has had some city woes, so their show is going to be @ Amsterdam Bar (who's taking over quite a few shows right now, including Mods vs. Rockers).

It's bassist Josh's birthday party! Happy Birthday!

Sunday Night:

@ Double Wide: Parade of Flesh Presents

Torche, Parts and Labor, and Pterodactyl.

@ House Of Tinnitus: White Mice

White Mice, Sightings, Raduhnes, God Willing, and Secret Abuse.

See there's plenty afoot here for those of us who can't afford to buy enough gas to trek Austin!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

2nd Thursday

It's everyone's favorite time of the month!

(I'm going to give you a minute on that one...)

Tomorrow is the 2nd Thursday of March, which means Expo Art Night!

I recommend that you hit this opening while you're down there:

Canvas Gallery is located at 824 Exposition Ave. #3. (Follow the sign on the sidewalk). These new works by Joey Seeman might remind you of someone...

The Woes of a C.O.

Certificate of Occupancy that is. It's something Sloppyworld needs, and has had trouble getting from the city (more here). Which is too darn bad because John books some pretty damn good shows.

Last night the city came in yet again (this isn't their first rodeo with code enforcement), and this time turned the music off.

From Sloppyworld:






The show that was scheduled for this Saturday evening, featuring Famous Amos / Muggabears / Jack with One Eye / RTB2, has been moved to around the block to Amsterdam Bar.

It will start at 9pm and cover is free.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

On The Bright Side...

Though we are dealing with a bunch of club closures at least Fishboy has a new video:

They will be playing three times @ SXSW this weekend, click here for that info.

And if you are looking to know as much as you can know about who's playing where and when @ SXSW, click here.

...and for tonight almost everything to do (except the Disqo Disco @ Fallout Lounge and the show over @ Sloppyworld) is in Denton. Just go see what the guys @ We Shot JR wrote, because I'm too grumpy to rewrite it.

Tomorrow will be better, I promise. RIP Darkside.

A Local Goth Night Forced to Move

Panoptikon is another place for pale white kids in black to get their goth on in Dallas. (Which I can't really make too much fun of because I am alabaster as hell and I wear black often.)

However; since Club One (once known as the gay club of Deep Ellum) is forced to shut their doors due to a loss in the SUP battle (which had more to do with the non-goth hip-hop nights), Panoptikon is moving. Where? You'll have to find out this Friday.

From Lord Byron:

"PANOPTIKON's final two night sat ONE will be this Thursday & Friday. Club ONE will close its door for good this weekend. Join us for the final closing ceremony & party it up with us at PANOPTIOKN.

We will anounce PANOPTIKON's new home this Friday.

Hosted By: Lord Byron
When: 13/03/2008
Where: Club ONE
3025 Main St at Hall in Deep Ellum
Dallas, Texas|44 75226
United States
Lord Byron

Aslo, Seabound & Iris ticket & merc give-a-ways this Friday. Click on the link forl the details!!! - Byron"

Red Blood Club Is Bleeding.

I really try to keep things positive and happy here on The Sub-Rosa, but today we are going to have a quick reality check. A reality check on what really makes Dallas "suck".

Do you know what the real problem with Dallas is?

A lack of solidarity.

Rather than go support a great local band (Holy shit we actually have those... really!) or local venue, most people would rather bitch about past glory. I hear "Deep Ellum will never be what it used to be" all the time. DUH. Nothing will ever be what it used to be. That's called time.

Yes, it's important to respect your past (and we have a great musical past), but it's also important to support what's here. YOU have to do this, not wait around for things to get awesome on their own. YOU are important, and there are venues like RBC that need your help. Doesn't that make you feel important? It should.

We have clubs who pull in great acts that are getting mowed over by many factors, among them big, overpriced venues, and a lack of support. When you don't go to the shows, please don't bitch about the lack of venues hosting good shows, or how expensive the good shows are getting. Without attendance, these places suffer, and therefore the "scene" suffers too.

Elm St. Bar, a place where I came of age, is gone. GONE. I learned to play pool there. Now Darkside is GONE. They are rescheduling shows as I'm writing this including Mods vs. Rockers. (If you are a band scheduled @ Darkside, NOW would be a good time to make sure you've talked with Sean about rescheduling at another venue.)

There is another place in Deep Ellum to see great punk and metal shows that needs YOUR help: Red Blood Club.

Unless you actually like paying 9 or 10 bucks for a shot and $30 for a show, I suggest you go here and check out Red Blood's schedule. There are great acts coming, and hell they do BBQs and movie nights. We're even putting on an art show (w/ music) there in April.

That's a picture of the US Bombs who just played Red Blood, and right below it is the Subhumans. Two great bands that have graced
Red Blood's stage in the past year.

Red Blood's reopening (1yr) anniversary/St. Pat's Day Party is on March 17. If you're like me and you can't stand the awful yuppies on Greenville, you'll be @ Red Blood supporting what the hell punk and metal is supposed to be about!

Show some love.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Weather

I know most people hate cold rainy weather, but, well I love it! Nothing makes me happier that a cloudy wet day and a hot cup o' joe.

Not much is going on in the DFW art world today (just about everyone is usually closed on Mondays), but there's a few things this evening that look fun.

@House of Tinnitus: Justice Yeldham/ATWA/Poisoned Birds/Subsun/Aunt's Analog/Dromez

@ Red Blood Club: It's movie night! Carved, and indie horror file, will start at 9pm tonight.