Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tatsuya Nakatani

I'm excited about this Sunday's performance at Kettle Art, and you should be too.

Tatsuya Nakatani will be playing solo as well as a few special guests. These special guests include locals Aaron and Stefan Gonzalez. Those guys are two brilliant musicians, and we in DFW area are lucky to have them here.

Never seen them?

I bet you have.

They're in both the grind core duo Akkolyte and the improv jazz trio Yells at Eels with their dad, Dennis Gonzalez. I've also seen them rotate in several other bands separately including Life-Death Continuum (Aaron) and Just Another Consumer (Stefan).

This is really going to be something special.

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Dennis Gonzalez said...


Thanks for your blog and for your hard work keeping up with the burgeoning art and music scene.

Just a note to inform everyone that Aaron and Stefan will join me and Portuguese saxophonist Rodrigo Amado in Poland this next Saturday for a great Yells At Eels tour (Warsaw, Poznan, Gdynia, Bydgoszcz, Olsztyn, Krakow, and then back to Warsaw for two more shows).

While we are there, we will have a CD release party in Warsaw for our newest CD, "The Gift of Discernment", which is being put out by Krakow's Not Two Records company.

Upon our return, we play a free coming-back concert at the Mountain View College Performance Hall on Wednesday evening, March 19. Check our MySpace/YellsAtEels page for time and a reminder.

At the end of the month the boys fly to Portugal for the CD release tour of the recording they did with Humanization Quartet, put out by Lisbon's Clean Feed Records.

Peace and Light!
Dennis Gonzalez

PS... go here to see our Polish Tour poster: