Monday, February 11, 2008

INK in Yer Eye

Last night we put INK on the walls of the beloved Meridian Room. Larry, Holly and I spent several hours getting these pieces up for you, so please join us tonight for INK's opening. I must say, Holly is some kind of a MacGyver at hanging shows. You need tack, she's got tack. You need wire, she's got wire. It's like the lady carries around a survivor pack for art shows and we LOVE her.

I always feel weird when I take my artwork out of my apartment and put it up on a wall. I love seeing it up in public, but it's odd to come home to half barren walls. It's like my children left. Now don't get me wrong. They're all up for adoption. If you like one of my pieces you are welcome to purchase it. I suppose it just makes me want to create more and more, which is good for my soul.

Anyhow my darlings, The Meridian Room is the spot for this evening (you don't even have the football excuse anymore), and we're going to enjoy the night, the smiling faces, the bubbly beers, the awesome food (you really have to try the jalapeño hummus), and of course the art.

Here's the press release in case you haven't already read it, and I'm not going to quote, 'cause I'm the ninny that wrote the damned thing:

Come out to the Meridian Room on Monday, February 11th, to see works of art by three talented local ink artists. Larry Carey, Miguel Aguilar, and Alison Welsh are three unique artists that take ink to a new, beautiful and fun level. From Larry’s intricate mandalas to Miguel’s humorous horror characters to Alison’s delicate portraits, there is a little ink for everyone.


… and it’s 1/2 price draught beers too!


A close look at the mastermind behind Formal: Sergio Garcia. All I have to say is you'd better dress up on Saturday...