Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Elm St. Bar Dies

This is from Elm St. Bar, which as of today, no longer exists. Another SUP casualty.

"As many of you already know , yesterday Elm St Bar had to close its doors. Its had a long run and many great times have been had behind its doors. Many of you are wondering why Elm St Bar had to close its doors and the reason has been years in the making.

First off, Deep Ellum is not the same place it was 5 years ago. All the bars/venues have been fighting with the city. A big nail in the coffin was the SUP that we had to do.That cost us money and time that we didnt have. Another reason is the media has beatin Deep Ellum with negative press for years.

We can not compete with these factors. Deep Ellum is about to have a big change but for the last three years the bar has stuggled to stay alive. There are still good Reason to continue to come to Deep Ellum, The Darkside Lounge, Curtain Club,Liquid Lounge, Red Blood Club, Club Dada, Renos Chop Shop,Adairs,Doublewide, and tons of resteraunts.

The Darkside Lounge is Now open 7 days a week and we could use your support to keep this venue alive and strong in Deep Ellum.

Viva la Deep Ellum"