Friday, February 29, 2008

Weekend My Friend. Click.

Tonight you can go to Ft. Worth to learn about Deep Ellum @ "29". Click here for that post.

Tonight you can also catch Evan Hecox @ Design Within Reach. Click here for more info.

This weekend you can be Irish in Expo Park. Click here for more info.

Sunday you can go to Kettle for some rad percussion. Click here for the post I did earlier this week on Tatsuya Nakatani and the Gonzalez Bros.

If you want to know what's going on @ the Deep Ellum/Expo Park venues in March, you can click here for the music linup.

...and if you are looking to show your art, Avenue Arts Venue has an open show coming up. The show is March 13th (Expo Art Night), and drop off is March 10 from 6-10pm. Click here for more info.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

"R" Day Art

I am home sick today fighting off the gunk, but I love you so here's some local art:

Benefit Moved

I really wanted to go to this, but since my lungs are screaming, I doubt that a smoky room would do me good, so you'll just have to go for me.

-note: the location moved from Sloppyworld to Double Wide

Wednesday, February 27, 2008



ESOTERICA STUDIOS // 941 Foch St., Ft. Worth, TX 76109
“29″ ART | MUSIC | FILM // February 29, 2008 // 21+

"Art, Music, and Film presentation at Esoterica Studios in Forth Worth. A must see for Deep Ellumers Justin Gladd & Judy Philips’ video documentary on Deep Ellum’s Tunnel and the changes of Deep Ellum in general. Justin Gladd is a fellow employee of Global Fashion News here in the area as a video cut + edit and is a student at the Art Institute of Dallas. The freelance videographer has something to say about Deep Ellum and you must see it yourself. Other mediums that will be showing ART pieces by; Andy Waltke, Clint Scism, Kimberly Gloe, Travis Williams, Ange Fitzgerald, and Shayne W. Ridenour. MUSIC; Format (of 12inch Pimps) and DJ Andrew Blanchard (with Papermoon Productions). Opening reception Friday, February, 29, 2008 from 8:30PM - 2AM." // 817.924.1500

-takrn from

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Elm St. Bar Dies

This is from Elm St. Bar, which as of today, no longer exists. Another SUP casualty.

"As many of you already know , yesterday Elm St Bar had to close its doors. Its had a long run and many great times have been had behind its doors. Many of you are wondering why Elm St Bar had to close its doors and the reason has been years in the making.

First off, Deep Ellum is not the same place it was 5 years ago. All the bars/venues have been fighting with the city. A big nail in the coffin was the SUP that we had to do.That cost us money and time that we didnt have. Another reason is the media has beatin Deep Ellum with negative press for years.

We can not compete with these factors. Deep Ellum is about to have a big change but for the last three years the bar has stuggled to stay alive. There are still good Reason to continue to come to Deep Ellum, The Darkside Lounge, Curtain Club,Liquid Lounge, Red Blood Club, Club Dada, Renos Chop Shop,Adairs,Doublewide, and tons of resteraunts.

The Darkside Lounge is Now open 7 days a week and we could use your support to keep this venue alive and strong in Deep Ellum.

Viva la Deep Ellum"

Tatsuya Nakatani

I'm excited about this Sunday's performance at Kettle Art, and you should be too.

Tatsuya Nakatani will be playing solo as well as a few special guests. These special guests include locals Aaron and Stefan Gonzalez. Those guys are two brilliant musicians, and we in DFW area are lucky to have them here.

Never seen them?

I bet you have.

They're in both the grind core duo Akkolyte and the improv jazz trio Yells at Eels with their dad, Dennis Gonzalez. I've also seen them rotate in several other bands separately including Life-Death Continuum (Aaron) and Just Another Consumer (Stefan).

This is really going to be something special.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Melodica to My Ears

Many thanks to everyone who was involved with Melodica. I'm actually exhausted from the overwhelming amount of good music. It's been a while since I've seen so many great bands in one weekend.

I didn't get a chance to see everyone (especially since I spent two nights working at one of the venues), but, amongst what I caught, my favorites were Jet Screamer, History At Our Disposal, The Happy Bullets, No Way, Treewave, Cry Blood Apache, Mom, Medio Mutante, Akkolyte, Vorvadoss, and Red Monroe.

I love noise. I was also reminded of how much I love anarchist metal bands.

I don't know if Melodica will change the face of DFW music. I don't know if it will help pump up our regular music lineups. I don't know if these great bands will play in our hood more often.

What I do know is this: I had a damn good time.

I almost never get to go to Austin or Denton to see shows. This was amazing for me, and you can bet yer britches that I'll be up for another go next year!

- pictures: I plum forgot my camera, so these pictures are not from the actual festival
-in order: album cover for Cry Blood Apache, Vorvadoss making sparks, and Jet Screamer playin slide

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Art Catch Up

... and I've been so busy this past week that I forgot to mention a few things.

- A new Gallery opened in Expo Park: The Jacket Gallery. It's ran by Sheldon from Amsterdam, and is currently featuring Chad Hoberrer's amazing surrealistic oil paintings. I don't know the exact address, but its in between Amsterdam and Avenue Arts Venue.

... and while we were getting ready for Melodica yesterday, 500x had their 30 year anniversary show, which you can and should go check out before the concerts tonight. Open Sat. & Sun. 12-5pm.

I went to the lecture on Wednesday, which was pretty packed, and I must say that the artwork they have up is stunning.

Friday, February 22, 2008

What Matters

It's way more important to love who you really love, to take care of yourself, and nurture what makes you smile from your fat little belly to your tiny little heart than to act on impulse. Remember, good friends are hard to come by, and self-worth even more so. And love... love is the most elusive of all, and I am one lucky bitch to have found it... really, Mitch, I love you.

To be cool is always overrated. Stick to your guns. Always.

Go to Melodica and see good music. Good music is also hard to come by.

Exposition on Friday and Saturday @ Amsterdam, Avenue Arts, Fallout, Minc, and Sloppyworld.

Sunday @ Dada.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Go see my friend Ruthie after the mixer:

Par=tay For the Hood

Come out to Baker and Company(3720 Canton Suite 102; across from where Main & Commerce curve into Exposition) Thursday February 21 from 6-8 pm to meet your neighbors and see what everyone’s up to in Deep Ellum.

or you can come because you love me and you want to chill with the hippest sista around... which probably isn't me...

"R" Day Art

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

DEEP and a Lecture

DEEP is meeting at July Alley (2.19) at 9pm. Come see what this here community is up to.

... and if you know what I'm up to (and if you don't you'll have to wait), then you know why I'm going to be takin some notes Wednesday night at 500x during this:

Panel Discussion: The Viability and Necessity of Artist-Run Spaces

Wednesday, February 20, 6-8pm

Panel Members:

Will Hipps, Associate Professor of Art & Museum/Galleries Director, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA & Co-founder of 500X Gallery
Ben Hirschkoff, Artist/Member, SOIL, Seattle, WA
Cynthia Mulcahy, Owner/Director, Mulcahy Modern, Dallas, TX
Shannon Stratton, Director/Chief Curator, Three Walls, Chicago, IL
Dr. Jennifer Way, Associate Professor of Art History, University of North Texas, Denton, TX


Noah Simblist, Artist & Assistant Professor of Art, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Art Trend

So, last Monday, at the Meridian Room, INK, an art show that I curated, opened. The previous week Channel 11 News emailed me asking if they could come interview the artists (myself, Miguel, and Larry). They wanted to ask us about art trends in Dallas. They never showed (which was cool, 'cause I'm weird about being filmed), but I thought and thought about this question, and I think it needs to be answered.

I held lengthy discussions with Frank, Havi, Erica, and Larry, and this is the decision I've come to.

That's a really vague question.

If you are asking about art trends referring to specific artistic style, I wouldn't say that Dallas has any prevailing artistic style. Everything from modern to classic is encouraged and shown on walls. Dallas is appreciative of all types of visual art from the bizarre to the beautiful, you can find it in our city.

So, artistically speaking, there isn't much of a trend, but there are three other more interesting trends that pertain to art, and these three trends are changing the face of the art world in Dallas.

First, there is a growth in disposable income. Yes, I know we're in a recession, but hear me out on this one. Since the birth of the internet, the music industry has changed. For better or for worse I'll leave up to you, but it's changed. A majority of people do not spend money on purchasing music. Most people download or burn music for free. This has caused the music industry to drastically alter the way they reach people, and with myspace and home recording tools, the need to be on a major label is dwindling.

How does this affect the world of art? People have more money to spend on a work of art, and when local art is affordable, people will and do shell out the cash. Consequently, the demand for owning an original piece of artwork is meeting the availability of funds, and more artists are breaking into the market.

Second, there are simply more places for artists to show original artwork. Take Deep Ellum and Expo Park for example. About three years ago there were only a few art galleries, where now there are over twenty with a few more opening this year. That's some definite exponential growth for you.

Not only are there more art galleries, but the influx of boutique type shows is staggering. Shops, restaurants, and bars that used to only have posters, signs, and imitation art (ie. a picture of a famous Picasso) are now opting for original works by locals.

Third, we all have computers. Ah the dawn of technology. Instead of having to painstakingly put together a portfolio that you have to drag around, you can get images of your work to a gallery or client with the click of a mouse.

Entire communities of artists are growing together and putting on amazing group works through the internet. In fact I personally have booked a majority of my shows through this very useful tool.

So there you go. The three main trends in art in right now in our area are more funds, more places, and more communication. Not half bad for an area known more for plastic than culture, or is that a way of the past too...

-pictures are from the following local artists in order of appearance:
Janelle Tohill, Richard Ross, and Havi Frost

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Night (2.16)

So right now you should be either primping, or if you're a last minute Charlie like me, you're trying to figure out what the heck you're going to wear to Formal, because you've already read my interview with Sergio, you either helped the art show, the afterparty, or know someone who does, you know it's way better than the Oscars, or you're going because I'm telling you to.

Kettle Art is going to be one hell of a well dressed epicenter, I tell you what.

... and I'd be an ass not to mention the little deal-i-o over at Sloppyworld tonight:

Friday, February 15, 2008

Want to Curate An Art Show?

Eddie over at Avenue Arts Venue is looking for creative individuals to curate art shows. For those of you who want to break into the world of art and need a space to put on your unique and creative ideas, this is a perfect opportunity. You will also get to keep a percentage of art sales.

Eddie's been doing art in all it's wonderful forms over in Expo Park for the last 15 years, and now he's giving you the opportunity to break into this exciting realm.

Call Eddie at 214.827.0351 or shoot him and email at for more details.

I Heart My Franco

and you do too, so go see Spector 45!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

"R" Day Art

Gotta love Sergio, and his show is going to amaze you.

Expo Art Night Tonight!

If you want to do something really sweet and culturally enlightening for your savvy sweetheart, you should go hang out at Expo Park. It's Art Night! (I'll be there 'cause my sweetheart has to work.)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sergio Garcia In Formal Attire

From graffiti artist, to airbrush artist, from putting together huge murals to putting together huge art shows, Sergio Garcia is a man of many trades. He's been one of the creative minds that works behind the scenes at Kettle Art Gallery in Deep Ellum, and this Saturday Kettle Art Gallery will proudly host Sergio's first solo exhibit, Formal.

I've known Sergio for over a year now. I consider him a dear friend, but if you didn't know us, you'd think that we hate each other. Truth is we are like bickering siblings, and I love all my siblings, especially the ones I bicker with.

A couple weeks ago Sergio and I sat down and did and talked about Formal and a few other things that make this guy the great guy that he is:

SR: How did you get started as an artist?

SG: I started drawing in school, then i got into graffiti, and after graffiti I started doing murals.

SR: Tell me what it was like being a graffiti artist.

SG: A graffiti artist now and a graffiti artist back when I started are two very different things. Now its more quantity over quality, especially in the Dallas scene.

Graffiti is almost a form of hip hop. It's a competitive thing where people keep pushing to do be original. Nowadays more kids have the exact same letters, like the exact same “e”, the exact same “a”, but when I came in everybody was trying to do something different.

SR: How exactly do you guys pick your names?

SG: There are a lot of different ways. You try to pick a name that nobody has. Mine was given to me by someone. Sometimes it describes them, they like the name, or maybe they like the letters.

SR: How did you evolve from doing graffiti to doing the bikes and fine artwork?

SG: Dumb luck. I got in trouble and then I met Frank (Campagna) and he brought me with him to paint the tunnels. After we painted the Good Latimer Tunnel, Frank hit me up with jobs. I guess he was impressed by my speed. Then he started turning me onto other jobs, and then they wanted me to start doing things for them.

I was asked to paint for a place called Strokers. While I was painting at Strokers I painted the ceiling. While i was painting the ceiling the CEO of Iron Horse came in and offered me a job painting motorcycles. I was hired to paint motorcycles even though I hadn't ever painted a motorcycle.

SR: When your style of artwork changed, did you change as a person?

SG: No not at all. I always felt that graffiti goes on the street. I only recently considered myself an artist, and now I hang stuff on a wall. It's hard to digest that. People's reactions to what i do makes me do it more. With the graffiti I didn't want anybody to know who I was. I couldn't care less if people talked about it, so it was kind of dumbed down. Now with art, it's a whole different thing. I get the most positive response from my artwork.

SR: Who are some of your influences?

SG: I lucked out in graffiti, and I lucked out in art because my closest friends, who are like my family, all have mad skills. Like Luke Harden, Mark Nelson, Richard Ross, Hal Samples, it's the people who are obviously on it and there's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I love them all dearly, and I see them and their hearts in their art. When I see something by Mark [Nelson], it could have a zebra on it, but I see Mark.

SR: So, would you say that the artists you admire the most are

actually people that you know?

SG: Yeah, for sure.

SR: Tell me about how you got involved with Kettle Art and what you've been doing with them.

SG: One of the landlords down here [in Deep Ellum}asked Frank advice on what this neighborhood needs and Frank said we need more of what its about:

music and art. Frank, with Kirk [Hopper], put together a crew like he did in the past with the Good Latimer Tunnel, and there was probably a group of six or seven of us. He gave us kind of like a pep talk. If we're down to do it then he'll do it. We were all in, but the only people who stuck around from that meeting were me, Amber, and Judith. We all came together and just started doing shows.

I remember the time a brought in Havi Frost. I introduced Frank to Havi and Mark. Havi wanted to do a show, she had the idea for Oddities. Frank wasn't sure of how it would do, but that was the show where Kettle kind of took a turn, and at that point Havi developed this trust where anything she wanted to do she could do. She became a curator. Since then she and Mark have been two of the most valuable assets Kettle has. I've thrown a few shows like The Horror Show, the graffiti show [These Fools' Art Show] and Formal coming up and its all keeping ideas together and making it a good show.

SR: How did you come up with such a unique idea for a show like formal?

SG: I got to a point where I realized that people in the art community establish a name. I went to a show and they did some real crazy real silly type of shit. I was talking to Kirk afterward and and it was crazy because we were still talking about that. It was the silliest piece of art, but Here I am still talking about it. Thats pretty cool in a sense. Sometimes I feel like being an artist is like being in a band, or being in business, where you want to establish a name for yourself. That's how i came up with Formal. Formal is calling out the art world.

If you have a big name you can do whatever and automatically that painting is worth a million dollars. It's the same with a high-end company. They put something out and thats what they look for is that name. I'd be lying if i said that i don't want my stuff to sell for a lot of money.

On some of these taxidermy animals for the show, I'm putting name brands on them. Someone asked me if it's an animal rights deal, and thats awesome. It's like religion: if thats what works for you then thats cool, but thats not really why I'm doing it. I like it. It'ts something I would want and thats why I paint it.

The idea of dressing up came because when you dress up, you feel kind of different. It's not necessarily better, and it's not something you can put your finger on. I want people to set that vibe. I want people to dress up and be part of the show. If people don't dress up i want them to be say “I could of done this” or “I could have worn this kind of suit.”. It's kind of like on Halloween. When people don't dress up they start spittin up all these ideas, but they should have thought of that before.

SR: Tell me about the after party at Dada, and why you chose these specific DJs.

SG: Yeah! cause they're gangsta thats why. Really they're all my friends, but they're also doing really well. I'm super proud of the guys that I have coming in. They're actually making a scene in Dallas. It's The Party: Sober, Select and Nature. They're super cool dudes, and its the same with the Cool Out, with Jay and Tony, and Killtronix and Hot Flash. They're all doing a lot of positive things. They bringi people out. I asked them and it really didn't even need to be said: if I'm having an after party, then those guys will be involved.

SR: Didn't you say that you were going to have some breakers there, and that they have to dress up as well?

SG: No they don't have to, I'm sure that there will be breakers there, and it would be nice if they did dress up. Actually my girlfriend's group will preform: the Ruby Revue.

SR: Can you tell me about them?

SG: The Ruby Revue is like a hip hop burlesque group. It's a unique, original thing. They'll be doing a song or two.

SR: You've worked with a lot of different people in the area on Formal. Who's done what?

SG: I love each and every one of these people so much, like Hal Samples. He's doing a bunch for Formal. I don't want to put it all out there, but you'll see at the show. He's one of the most inspiring people I've met recently, Mark Nelson's helped me make some frames. Havis done three or four photo shoots . Erica [Felicella] helped me do a photo shoot for the flyer. Havi helped me with the flyers. Autumn helped me put the flyers together.

Kirk has helped me out the furthest There wouldn't be a lot of stuff happening idealistically without Kirk and he helped me maneuver things with his truck. I can only fit so many things in my car. He helped me stretch canvases. He helped me move the taxidermy animals. He's got my back on it, and so does Frank. Frank also helped me out with getting the flyers together and doing the video press. He and Erica are doing stuff for press, and you, Alison, and Cari helped me with my press release. Theres a guy named Connor who blows glass, and, well, it was a lot of people. Oh, and Elisa's dog, Avery, has been a big help as well.

SR: What are you interested in developing with yourself? What interests you the most as far as your artwork goes?

SG: I know with Formal I'm trying to make a statement. I'd like to evolve later on in life, maybe do murals that make a real big statement like what Diego Rivera did. Kinda politicalish. I want to people to think a lot more than they do. It's kind of why i did graffiti as well. I spent all of 2007 working on skill, so I'm going to do all 2008 focusing on style, so now if theres an image i want to paint i can paint it. Next its all style.

SR: So you were figuring out how to do it, now you're figuring out what you want to do?

SG: Yeah, I can reproduce something, now its whats going to make it me.

SR: Are you ever going to have some sort of a day job?

SG: You mean a 9 to 5?

SR: Yes.

SG: No.

SR: Are you going to live the life of an artist?

SG: Yes.

You can see the beauty of Formal Saturday (2.16) from 7-10pm, and the after party is a few doors down at Dada. Make sure to look snazzy!

-pictures from Sergio's myspace page, Kettle Art, and Frank Campagna.

2.12 and Some Sap

Last night was amazing. Really, really amazing. I'm one sappy little lady this morning. I would like to thank Larry, Miguel, Holly, Ruthie, Simon, and everyone at The Meridian Room for making INK's opening so special. AND Mitch for always calming my nerves. If you didn't get a chance to check out INK last night, the shoe runs at The Meridian Room through the rest of February. So check it out over a cold brew, or some nice hot jalapeño soup or tasty sandwich.

@ Darkside Lounge. Get involved! Meet cool peeps. Kick it in Ellum.

... and please come back here this afternoon. I'm posting up an interview with Sergio Garcia in a few hours.

Monday, February 11, 2008

INK in Yer Eye

Last night we put INK on the walls of the beloved Meridian Room. Larry, Holly and I spent several hours getting these pieces up for you, so please join us tonight for INK's opening. I must say, Holly is some kind of a MacGyver at hanging shows. You need tack, she's got tack. You need wire, she's got wire. It's like the lady carries around a survivor pack for art shows and we LOVE her.

I always feel weird when I take my artwork out of my apartment and put it up on a wall. I love seeing it up in public, but it's odd to come home to half barren walls. It's like my children left. Now don't get me wrong. They're all up for adoption. If you like one of my pieces you are welcome to purchase it. I suppose it just makes me want to create more and more, which is good for my soul.

Anyhow my darlings, The Meridian Room is the spot for this evening (you don't even have the football excuse anymore), and we're going to enjoy the night, the smiling faces, the bubbly beers, the awesome food (you really have to try the jalapeño hummus), and of course the art.

Here's the press release in case you haven't already read it, and I'm not going to quote, 'cause I'm the ninny that wrote the damned thing:

Come out to the Meridian Room on Monday, February 11th, to see works of art by three talented local ink artists. Larry Carey, Miguel Aguilar, and Alison Welsh are three unique artists that take ink to a new, beautiful and fun level. From Larry’s intricate mandalas to Miguel’s humorous horror characters to Alison’s delicate portraits, there is a little ink for everyone.


… and it’s 1/2 price draught beers too!


A close look at the mastermind behind Formal: Sergio Garcia. All I have to say is you'd better dress up on Saturday...

Friday, February 8, 2008

More Weekend Stuffs

Space is the place again!

by Dylan

From Hal:

"I'm having a potluck dinner with two of my favorite music group o'souls... The Listener Project and Telegraph Canyon on this Friday in SPACE (my home) at 8pm.

It's something different and hopefully fun for all and a chance to get to know the peeps behind the brilliance in their art. Bring a dish, your own booze, and 5 big ones...and get ready for a good night w/good peeps in SPACE."

SPACE Studio
2814 Main St.
Dallas, Tx

note: Space is Hal's home, not a club or bar, please conduct yer hides accordingly. :)

Sloppyworld is calling this a double awesome rock show. I agree.

Derby Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... and Good Records put out their super informative new newsletter today. Didn't get one? I''l make it easy for you. Click here to find out about all the neat stuff you should be listening to according to the great guys at the record store.

I Love Lisa

I JUST found out about these two art shows. Lisa's art is awesome, and she has a pretty smile too.

Awakinging the Heart
DATE: Friday, February 8
TIME: 7pm - 9pm
LOCATION: Unity Church
3425 Greenville
Dallas, Texas 75206

"The upper room gallery is proud to present the works of six local artists that have worked independently to show what they feel represents the awakening of the Heart, the spirit that lies beneath all that is and all that is essential."

the offer

El Corazon
DATE: Saturday, February 9
TIME: 7-9pm
LOCATION: 521 E. Lawther Drive
Dallas, Texas 75218

"A passionate and eclectic exhibition of diverse creations inspired by the heart."

Reception program:

7 PM - Comida del Corazón (Food from the Heart)

A Valentine's Day-inspired cooking demonstration and tasting presented by Guadalupe Díaz de León

8 PM - Music From Latin America
Dallas-based group, Cantares, presents a lively show of indigenous and traditional music and dance that explore the various cultures from South America.