Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Moment With The Grassfight

Last year in August, Obscenely Unseen was born. It's a collection of underground artists and musicians in the Dallas and Denton areas. It was my first art show. It was also the first time I saw the Denton based group The Grassfight.

They played in the early afternoon before things really got hoppin, but it was a real treat for those of us lucky enough to be in the room. They captured our undivided attention. Their songs are sort of hypnotizing, and Nathan's vocals eerily remind me of Ian Curtis.

Recently they released their first album The French Scheme, which I highly recommend you listen to by clicking here. (I find it rather conductive to creative adventures like writing or inking a million little spheres.)

The Grassfight is returning to play the 2nd Obscenely Unseen show this Saturday at Space Studio, and vocalist/guitarist Nathan Forester recently took the time to answer a few questions:

SR: When did each of you start your musical careers?

NF: Well this is Tamsi and [my] first formal band. Her dad played bass in a blues/country band and she just taught herself with his guitar. I've been playing since I was 8, but it doesn't show. I just don't have the mental capacity to do Guitar Center show-off riffs. Reed has played drums for about ten years and was in a couple of bands prior to Grassfight which shall all go unnamed.

SR: When did you start Grassfight?

NF: I had posted an add for a drummer on myspace in March of 2006 and Reed responded within an hour. A couple weeks later, we were all practicing in a barn at Reed's parent's house. That was absolutely awful, especially with that hot, Texas summer heat. We changed the scenery in the fall and played our first show on January 26, 2007, at Hailey's with The Angelus. So, we're nearing our 2 year anniversary.

SR:Who are some of your influences?

NF: All three of us clash with our favorite bands but there's a few we agree on. Those include Radiohead, Johnny Cash, and Fleetwood Mac, among others. I know Fleetwood Mac doesn't exactly fit, but you'll see, their influence will start to show its pretty face as we progress.

SR: What are some of your favorite local places to play shows?

NF: We love playing Andy's. The atmosphere is great, they're always really nice, and they actually use motion lights...motion lights! Everyone at Hailey's is normally great too. Club Dada as well. SHQ RIP.

SR: Who are some of your favorite locals?

NF: Well, you of course, Miss Alison and your wonderful artwork. Our good friends The Demigs with their playful, taunting, wittingly vibed music. David Trust = the most underrated musician around. Robert Jones is my favorite local band to see live and just might be my favorite local band. I'm especially looking forward to seeing them on Saturday. Deep Snapper is fantastic. Cody from the No Fold blog. Pat Ferguson from Deep Snapper - a true class act. And of course, Chris Wilder, the French Schemes producer is a walking lended hand and an all around great guy.

SR: You just finished your new album The French Schemes, what's the significance of the title? (I happen to love French film noir, so that's why I'm curious.)

NF: What I would give for a cool story behind the name. It actually came up without any real substance attached. We purposefully don't put too much critical thought into anything on the creative side of what we do because desperation ideas start to pop out and your subconscious usually has better ideas anyway, and generally, has a lot more to say - you just have to wait for it to jump out of you.

We had recently watched Amelie', a great French film that has the main character scheming these different scenarios throughout the movie. With the movie probably fresh on our mind, "French Schemes" just came out, a couple days before the release, on the way to Kroger.

SR:I like to listen to your cd while I'm working on pieces of my artwork, what do you envision people doing while they listen to this album?

NF: I envision them immediately picking up the phone and calling everyone they know to tell them about this amazing, semi-new band called Grassfight that they're listening to.

Actually, I've never thought about it. We haven't gotten that far yet. We're still trying to get people to actually listen and develop some sort of opinion of us. I'd really like to know how that piece turned out, by the way.

SR: What do you have planned for 2008?

NF: To become the most admired band in the metroplex.

You can catch The Grassfight along with these other great local acts at Space Studio on Saturday Feb. 2nd:

The Tah Dahs, Record Hop, Laura Palmer, Blackheart Society, Bridges and Blinking Lights, Holy Diver, and Atharva.

Artists include: C. Kirk Smith, Alison Welsh (me), Studio Fling, Ashmore Photography, and more.

The Grassfight will be playing early (4pm) so make sure to stop by and check 'em out!

- all photos are from The Grassfight's myspace page (although I did have to lighten a couple).

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Can't wait to see the Grassfight band at the Vday Benefit show.