Monday, January 28, 2008

How I Love Everybody...

... at Studio Fling. Rob Jr., Paul, Minji, and Tom are quite possibly the kindest people to ever run an art gallery. Ever.

The clocks were stunning, the outdoor heaters were warm, the coffee was tasty (courtesy Murray St. Coffee), the poets were slammin, and the music was hypnotizing (courtesy Electric Brown).

The people and love at Studio Fling always touch my heart.

Here's a couple pictures Paul took before the show:

and here's a few pictures Scotty took of the multitude that enjoyed Fling's timepieces:

(I'm that serious looking chick up front with black hair)

(Holly's so damned photogenic)

(Richard Ross's clocks are A-OK!)

The show runs through Feb. 9th, so you still have time to check out the art clocks at Studio Fling. They'll be open Thurs. - Fri. 6pm-11pm, and Sat. 12pm-11pm.

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