Friday, January 18, 2008

Hey Kiddos

Mama's been busy. Really effin busy. In fact, I'm still at work even though I should have left an hour ago. Though, I must admit it's REALLY freaking weird that I haven't received much email today. Usually it's somewhere in the realm ofabout 100 messages. Only like 10. Kinda weirding me out...

I can tell you that I've been speaking with some AMAZING men and women this week about so much that even my big ol' brain hasn't digested the info yet. There is so much that's happened, going on, and upcoming, that I need to chill out and get my art the heck ready for a big three shows. (Clockwork Fling, Obscenely Unseen, and an Ink Show @ Meridian).

I wanted to pop in and let you know that I'm not dead, simply busting with a belly full o factoids.
Make sure to stop by your favorite gallery (I believe Public Trust) has an opening tomorrow (1.19), and buy some local art, or make a new friend.

So, here's a piece of poetry that I wrote a while back to think about, or not think about, this weekend. Peace.

No Season for Passion

Wither in the winter
A snail can't mate in this weather
And beauty lapses to disease
Even unseen
He senses the condition
Such an ackward position
The freak-o-nature-glance
Why can't he give a girl a chance?

Head so heavy
So many
Hear the symptoms of love
And strap on a thick glove
'Cause something so pretty
Somthing somebody's had
Can't be too rokcy
Can't be that bad.

Hot like a ember
Straight out of slumber
Twisting and tumbling
Fingers all fumbling
O-the-danger there
Wrapped-up all neat
Within a soiled summer sheet.

Oh, snakey skin shawl
Unsheath this child-o-fall
Let her bathe in crisp air
Unscathed, raw, and bare
And dance in the glory
Finding vereve in the most holy
Harvest-sister's spoon

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