Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Day in the Life

Saturday, Jan. 5, 2008

8am: Wake up next to hunky guy. Hey, that's always a good start right? Take nice hot shower, making sure to clean behind ears and between toes.

10am: Hunky guy (aka awesome boyfriend) drives me to work.

12pm: Floods of people swagger onto patio hungry for fattening Italian food and a nice breeze. Lucky for them super server (aka me) is there to bring tasty meals and damning drinks of merriment faster than you can say calamari.

3pm: Super server retires for the day with a glass of red wine and delicious pasta creation (and not very much money, douchey bad tippers).

4pm: Long trek from Greenville Ave to apartment begins.

4:30pm: Hunky guy spots me on halfway through long trek, and scoops me up in his chariot for pleasant drive home.

5:15: Not so long trek to Deep Ellum Association office begins. See old friend on sacred path, and catch up conversation makes trek seem shorter.

5:45: Arrive at Deep Ellum Association Office. Gather big ol' box of hip t-shirts. Bring Kettle Art folded chairs down stairs. Do a little dance because of nifty Pogues song on radio. Dance not so nifty. Glad no one sees said not so nifty dance.

6:10pm: Carry hefty box of t-shirts to Kettle Art. See homie Beard in front of Dada. Tells me secret password for entry to Dada for the evening: "Blow me." Make note of password. Passwords are always helpful.

6:15pm: Arrive at Kettle. Tiffany has already set up Alan Govenar books for sale. I heart her. Talk about being on the ball. I think she lives there! Frank tells me I brought too many t-shirts. I tell Frank password.

620pm: Set up t-shirts for display. Go get chairs from office with cool filmmaker Kevin and gimpy friend Paul. Apparently Paul hurt himself skating earlier in the day. I suggest strapping pillow to bum whenever attaching wheels to feet.

6:30pm: Return to office with homie Mike (whom looks a bit like a Beetle in their latter days) to find phone that fell out of pocket during not so nifty dance. Run back down street to Kettle.

7:00pm: Kevin gives me cup of joy (coffee). Frank makes another comment about number of t shirts. Insists that we'll only sell three if we're lucky. One minute later man wants to purchase t-shirt.

7:20pm: Kirk shows me how to use credit card machine. I am not Quick Books savvy.

7:30pm: The room is getting VERY full. Large line for drinks and the beautiful Miss Sharon (whose high heels are above awesome) and a large line for... me! In fact, I sell nine t-shirts and three books! Who's the sales master? That's right buddy. Tell Frank to kiss my tush.

8:00pm: Movies start. Deep Ellum galore. Historical videos, documentaries, music videos, and more entertain a mass of wide eyed peeps. I am in one of the documentaries... in a wig. (Note to self: do not do interviews drunk.)

9:00pm: My pal Justin's film debuts. Two pieces of my art featured (well, for like 2 seconds, but that counts damnit!). Sweetness. First beer consumed.

10:30ish pm: Meet hero Cindy from the Fine Line. I like her even more in person. Pack up and head over to Dada.

From here on out I have no clue what time things occurred so we'll just say 11pm-2am: Met up with a bunch of cool peeps including Roy Ivy, Laura Palmer, Fred, Bill, Cari, Sara Jane, Erica Felicella, Justin, Sergio, Kirk, Frank, Sharon, Frankie, and... Andrea Grimes. I've never met Andrea Grimes, but I'm a big fan of her writing, which I told her while wearing my goofy turtle like backpack. Speaking in a squeaky, nervous voice, I told her how much I appreciated her writing and uncovering of the douche bags. She told me that she has actually read The Sub-Rosa, and I nearly fainted. I'm sure she thinks I'm the biggest nerd EVER, but... well, I am.

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bill h said...

it's always great to see you. Please let me know when those films are gonna be shown again. I enjoyed watching the parts that were being broadcast at dada. I'd love to see all of them.