Thursday, December 20, 2007

Presents! I Love Presents!

I was listening to KERA this morning and apparently they love presents too! And, OMG, we shop at the same place! That's right my dear readers. KERA and yours truly would both rather shop at Kettle Art Gallery than the mall:

"Yes the opening was a great success, but there are still plenty of locally produced gift items available. We will be open tonight, tomorrow and Saturday, 7:00 - 10:00. Drop by and peruse these options as opposed to shopping traditionally at a faceless mall. Help your friendly neighborhood artists and yourself too!
as mentioned on KERA's - In the Arts

If nothing else, our T-Shirts make great stocking stuffers!"

And Studio Fling has great presents at their location on Hall and Commerce... but I think you have to pay extra for Tom...

Space Studio (2814 Main St. Ste. 201) is holding a big art sale this Saturday (Dec. 22nd) for last minute shoppers from 6-9pm. There'll be affordable art from local artists (more info. on who tomorrow) and gift certificates for portrait sessions. Here's a few examples of the beautiful portraits coming from the cameras in Space (all by Hal Samples):

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