Thursday, December 20, 2007

On the Cover Mom!

I posted this on earlier today, but was having a hard time editing it ('cause my computer is posessed by a freaking demon), so here's a slightly edited version for you my darlings:

It’s about darned time Deep Ellum made it back on the cover of the Observer, and this time there isn’t a nasty tombstone with our name on it!

Thanks to Mr. Robert Wilonsky, DEEP, and Katherine Seale from Preservation Dallas, the growing controversy over the Knights of Pythias Temple (Union Banker’s Building) is available for mass consumption. The well-written article of which I speak covers many pages in this week’s Observer with detailed history and tells the story of good people standing up for a community spawned from diverse culture. The building is a national historic landmark, and thanks to these cats, we have a chance to preserve our fading history.

There’s a new vibrant and infectious energy down here, filled with charismatic individuals who love their neighborhood and want it to rise like a proverbial phoenix from the dirty ashes. Previous years of negative light be damned, Deep Ellum is on her way up. Don’t believe me? Then you’ve never been to a DEEP meeting, or to a party at Space, or a DEA mixer, or First Thursday in Expo Park, or to All Good, or Kettle Art, Studio Fling, Pawn, or Public Trust, or any of the MANY galleries in Deep Ellum for an opening.

We’re coming back as a whole new animal. You’d better get in on this action, ’cause it’s going to rock your socks, and you’re going to want more. And more. And more...

So go pick up a copy of the Observer right now and read about our awesome ‘hood and the great people trying to preserve a little piece of history. There’s also a nifty article called “Deep Addison” about last week’s SUP hearings. (And a big fat congrats to the bars that received their SUPs!)

... ps. This was all over KNON (the Knight of Pythias/Union Banker's story) this morning, for all those of you who don't get up at the ass crack like me, and the African-American community is PISSED OFF (as they should be). I hope this will bring us together and get this building ship shape (as it should be).

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