Friday, December 21, 2007


Astronauts for Xmas! Best Present EVER!

This is kinda hard to read, so I'll make it bigger for you:

Dec. 22nd 6-9pm @ Space

Astronauts Showing Affordable Art:
Hal Samples
Dylan Hollingsworth
Tyler Sharp
Fred Holston
Mike Arreaga
Carissa Byers
Richard Ross
Havi Frost
Ricardo Paniagua Garcia III
Jen Meyer

Other Astronauts:
Shayne W. Ridenour
Dan Paul Roberts
Jason Safran
David Willingham
Jeremy Meador
Andie Collard
Henry Dees
Jen Sulak
and CPR

Music by the Frenz

Door Prize (9pm)
$1500 ltd ed. art piece from Hal Samples

Tyler Sharp's bday w/ some of his video work after the raffle

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