Monday, December 31, 2007

Movie Night! Fun for the New Year!

Tiffany posted this on

"Come join us at Kettle Art to enjoy an evening of Historic Deep Ellum on screen.

A little Deep Ellum blues and jazz history, music videos, punk rock comedy moments, student documentaries, retrospectives of Deep Ellum mural projects, Gypsy Tea Room Art and more.

Film and video moments from Mark Birnbaum, Christine Ricciardi, Amy Talkington, Kevin Nash, Henry Miner, Tiffany Kieran, Justin Gladd, Hal Samples, Frank Campagna and Alan Govenar, author of “Deep Ellum and Central Track”.

Special thanks to DEEP, DEA, Frank Campagna for his gallery, and Paul Adams for graphics.

See you at Kettle Art! It’s free and there will be refreshments. "

Who can resist good movies and great people? Not me!

I'll be there selling some Deep Ellum t-shirts (from the DEA) as well. $10 each.
(Stay tuned on the t-shirts, cause DEEP has some neat threads coming soon!)

...and if you haven't seen this nifty short on Expo Park, you'd better get to clickin!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve Parties in the Deep Ellum/Fair Park area:

The Smoke is hosting a party @ Pawn for all you Mods and Rockers:

Free entry, half price beer, live dj, and a dancefloor @ The Meridian Room W/ DJ Baby Ruthless:


Sloppyworld’s hosting some great local acts:


And a “Champagne of Beers” Toast with several awesome bands @ the Doublewide:


Friday, December 21, 2007


This is way better than a mall...

"Come by The Soda Gallery tomorrow night and enjoy our last tequila tasting of 2007! Break away from all the last minute craziness of the holiday shopping, the in-laws and other relatives, and warm up to some of the best tequilas around, hosted by master tequila aficionado, Raul Santilla, Jr.

Enjoy some history behind tequila production, the recommended way to drink it, and learn what makes a true tequila aficionado! Let us give you some interesting mixer ideas using some of our best gourmet sodas, too. Raul also has planned a nice holiday treat for all who stop by, so bring your friends, loved ones and your neighbors for a one-of-a-kind event!

Our tequila tastings are open to the public (must be 21+ to participate.)
(Casa Noble Tequila pictured above.)

Happy holidays!

Ps...give us a call if you need directions! And don't forget about Poetry Slam TONITE!!! (214) 946-7632"


Astronauts for Xmas! Best Present EVER!

This is kinda hard to read, so I'll make it bigger for you:

Dec. 22nd 6-9pm @ Space

Astronauts Showing Affordable Art:
Hal Samples
Dylan Hollingsworth
Tyler Sharp
Fred Holston
Mike Arreaga
Carissa Byers
Richard Ross
Havi Frost
Ricardo Paniagua Garcia III
Jen Meyer

Other Astronauts:
Shayne W. Ridenour
Dan Paul Roberts
Jason Safran
David Willingham
Jeremy Meador
Andie Collard
Henry Dees
Jen Sulak
and CPR

Music by the Frenz

Door Prize (9pm)
$1500 ltd ed. art piece from Hal Samples

Tyler Sharp's bday w/ some of his video work after the raffle

For Ben, R.I.P.

I am not a fan of the Polyphonic Spree.

They're nice people. I know several members in the band. In fact, I currently work with a girl in the choir. I know lots of people who are ex-members that have started many other wonderful bands that I love.

For years I've given many excuses as to why I dislike the Polyphonic Spree. I've never told anyone the REAL reason I can't stand to listen to this band. It has nothing to do with the stage show, costumes, the people or the music. Really the music isn't half bad.

No, the reason I can't deal with the Polyphonic Spree is because they remind me of my friend Ben. Ben is dead. The Polyphonic Spree was one of his favorite bands.

It was hard for me a few years back when he died. You see Ben Schepps was the only person who has ever affected the way I write poetry, and he was my biggest fan. He was one of the most intelligent, creative people I've ever had the chance to know.

I saw this video this morning and cried.

So thank you Polyphonic Spree for reminding me of Ben and how precious the ones we love are, and how quickly they can be taken away.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

On the Cover Mom!

I posted this on earlier today, but was having a hard time editing it ('cause my computer is posessed by a freaking demon), so here's a slightly edited version for you my darlings:

It’s about darned time Deep Ellum made it back on the cover of the Observer, and this time there isn’t a nasty tombstone with our name on it!

Thanks to Mr. Robert Wilonsky, DEEP, and Katherine Seale from Preservation Dallas, the growing controversy over the Knights of Pythias Temple (Union Banker’s Building) is available for mass consumption. The well-written article of which I speak covers many pages in this week’s Observer with detailed history and tells the story of good people standing up for a community spawned from diverse culture. The building is a national historic landmark, and thanks to these cats, we have a chance to preserve our fading history.

There’s a new vibrant and infectious energy down here, filled with charismatic individuals who love their neighborhood and want it to rise like a proverbial phoenix from the dirty ashes. Previous years of negative light be damned, Deep Ellum is on her way up. Don’t believe me? Then you’ve never been to a DEEP meeting, or to a party at Space, or a DEA mixer, or First Thursday in Expo Park, or to All Good, or Kettle Art, Studio Fling, Pawn, or Public Trust, or any of the MANY galleries in Deep Ellum for an opening.

We’re coming back as a whole new animal. You’d better get in on this action, ’cause it’s going to rock your socks, and you’re going to want more. And more. And more...

So go pick up a copy of the Observer right now and read about our awesome ‘hood and the great people trying to preserve a little piece of history. There’s also a nifty article called “Deep Addison” about last week’s SUP hearings. (And a big fat congrats to the bars that received their SUPs!)

... ps. This was all over KNON (the Knight of Pythias/Union Banker's story) this morning, for all those of you who don't get up at the ass crack like me, and the African-American community is PISSED OFF (as they should be). I hope this will bring us together and get this building ship shape (as it should be).

"R"-Day Muthas!

For my peeps:

by Judith and Sergio

Ah Fishboy...

I love Fishboy and he love you:

"I wrote a blog entry yesterday thanking everyone who helped us out on the road.

People, this tour was amazing. If you were there you know all about it. We are trying to hit the road again soon and hit up the east of the country and some of the middle that we missed.

If you are one of the amazingly enthusiastic folks who've been telling your friends/writing about us/spreading the word about Albatross, thank you SO MUCH. Every little bit helps tremendously.

hope to hear from/see you all soon!
happy holidays!


Presents! I Love Presents!

I was listening to KERA this morning and apparently they love presents too! And, OMG, we shop at the same place! That's right my dear readers. KERA and yours truly would both rather shop at Kettle Art Gallery than the mall:

"Yes the opening was a great success, but there are still plenty of locally produced gift items available. We will be open tonight, tomorrow and Saturday, 7:00 - 10:00. Drop by and peruse these options as opposed to shopping traditionally at a faceless mall. Help your friendly neighborhood artists and yourself too!
as mentioned on KERA's - In the Arts

If nothing else, our T-Shirts make great stocking stuffers!"

And Studio Fling has great presents at their location on Hall and Commerce... but I think you have to pay extra for Tom...

Space Studio (2814 Main St. Ste. 201) is holding a big art sale this Saturday (Dec. 22nd) for last minute shoppers from 6-9pm. There'll be affordable art from local artists (more info. on who tomorrow) and gift certificates for portrait sessions. Here's a few examples of the beautiful portraits coming from the cameras in Space (all by Hal Samples):

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

DEEP @ Murray St.

Meeting at Murray Street Coffee (9 Pm)
103 Murray St.
Dallas, TX 75226
(214) 655-2808

OK, folks this is the last meeting of the year--so don't miss out. We'll be discussing:

-The SUP results
-Crime statistics: they look good and we want to keep them that way.
-Having a dedicated meeting once a month at a fixed location for special events and guest speakers (next guest speaker is from DPD).
-The Results of the Deep Ellum Association Board election.

The rest of the Tuesdays for this month fall on holidays, so this is the last meeting of the year. Come out and lets celebrate the SUP victories and hang out some before the holidays!

White Light Fever is Back!

A letter from the boys to you:

"After over 3 months of absense White Light Fever is returning to the stage exactly where we left you all...the wonferful Club Dada!

Yes, we know it's been awhile and a lot of people have been questioning the status of our little band. Well, nothing gossip worthy has been going on for all you who dig that kind of thing. There has been no fighting or anything, just 3 dudes pursuing personal ventures while trying to put the finishing touches on our second album, "Count All Your Father's Wealth."

Although we won't be able to resume playing shows on a full scale level until summertime, we do have 3 shows over the next two weekends that we are very excited about and we would love to see all your pretty faces there!

December 21st-Dallas, Tx at Club Dada w/Blackheart Society

December 22nd-Denton, Tx at Andy's Bar w/The Grass Fight

December 28th-Dallas, Tx at Double Wide w/Black Gasoline (Wichita, KS)

Hope to see you all at the shows!


Danny, Mikey, and Thomas of White Light Fever"

Saturday, December 15, 2007


If you aren't going to Kettle or Avenus Arts, you better run your scrawny ass over here:


Who's the master juggler? Not me. That's for damned sure. I've had to move Thursday art so much that I'm just going to have to toss it up here when I get a chance for the next few weeks... and you're going to have to deal with it. Or I could sing you Christmas carols. Pick your torture.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Want to buy some presents? Want to party w/ Santa?

Nothing says Happy Holidays better than a big fat piece of local art! Here's a couple shows that are going on this week where you can get that perfect gift for that special someone:

(Studio Fling @ a different location for one night only)

(Kettle Art @ the same ol' spot)

Want to be the coolest kid on the block? You can buy handmade Richard Ross pieces directly from the artist by clicking here.

Or you could pick up something crafty at this Deep Ellum Flea Market:

Here's a couple Holiday Parties you're invited to this week:

(Avenue Arts Venue)

(Deep Ellum Association Office - 2822 Elm St.)

...and if you can get your paws on an invitation:



2548 ELM ST.





Monday, December 10, 2007


I thought I'd post this up for the people who didn't get a chance to see it yesterday (especially my girl Janelle):

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I Like This Cupcake.

He's cute!

Par-tay @the Office!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's the grand opening of my office!!!! Well, it's not mine, I just work there. The Deep Ellum Association will host an awesome holiday mixer Dec. 13th from 6-8pm @ 2822 Elm St.

Guess what? You're invited!

Among the attendees: Senator Roy West. We'll also have some music to help you get your boogie on featuring Frankie 45, Cricket Taylor, Jim Suhler, and Elvis T. Busboy.

Hell and yeah.

SUP? The Final Rally.

A friend sent this to me:

"Deep Ellum/Expo Park Residents and Patrons Please Read!!
The fight for our neighborhoods is NOT over!!!

You’re looking at the FUTURE of Deep Ellum/Expo Park….

…at least, what the future will be if the powers that be have their way. We as a community must unite in order to help keep our unique culture the way it is and prevent the neighborhood from being turned into another Uptown. The SUP is yet another obstacle being put up by the City to try and clear the way for their own agenda. The City Council will be meeting on Wednesday, December 12th, to decide on the fates of many of our Deep Ellum/Expo Park bars and clubs. This is the LAST stop in the SUP process, and we need as many people as possible to come out and show the City that we support our community.

The City Council, unlike the City Planning Commission, is made up of ELECTED officials. Since they count on YOUR votes to put them in those seats, this means that your presence there will have a very big impact if they see a large turnout. It has been noted that one of the biggest factors for the approval of a business is the support from residents in the immediate vicinity (within 500 ft radius). If you cannot make it there, PLEASE write a letter (it does not have to be more than a paragraph or so), and give it to the business(es) that you want to support. It will have more clout than a generic signed petition. But if you can make it, regardless of where you live, please come out and make your voices heard. The future of this historic place depends on it.

Wednesday, December 12th at 1:30 PM
City Council Chambers at Dallas City Hall
1500 Marilla Street
Dallas, TX 75201

Venues going up before the Council: Minc, Amsterdam Bar, Fallout Lounge, Double Wide, Club One, Darkside, Elm St., Europa, and The Bone."

Art Con!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec. 9th from 6-10pm. 100 artists. Five Musicians. One charity. I can't wait.

(Except that my dumb ass chose the first installation block. 9am.)

For more info click here.

Deep Ellum Tree Lighting

I'm super happy that this is goin down. Er... up. Dec.8th around 6:00 in the pm @ the 2600 block of Main St. I hear it's one helluva jolly metal sculpture, and there isn't anything like it anywhere else in Dallas. You'll have to meet me there to see it for yourself!

Oh, yeah, and some local art guy thinks he's a super cool celebrity 'cause he gets to light the tree. (Love you Frank.)

"R"day: This Week's Random Art

... isn't so random. The first one was done by my pal Janelle. It's a pic of me, which I think is suiting because this weekend I'm doing a piece of her for Art Con.