Wednesday, November 7, 2007

See you tomorrow!

Ok. I am pooped. I need to rest. I need to read and spend time with my man.

I will be @ City Hall @ 1:30. I hope to see you there because you care about these businesses, people, and way of life.

I'll put up the "R" Day art in the morning. Sleep well and dream of a place where the small guy doesn't get squashed by greed.



Michael Davis-Dallas Progress said...


I wanted to reach out to you and post what I wrote yesterday on my blog, Dallas Progress. I actually serve on the City Plan Commission. For those of y'all that came to the meetings I sit on the far left.

You may see this in several Deep Ellum - related blogs.

Here's the post (which was written Thursday 11/8):

Today, we more than 100 people come down to our City Plan Commission meeting to express their feelings regarding the Deep Ellum/Near East (Expo Park) Special Purpose District. The Council Chambers was almost entirely packed. Many of them were under the age of 30.

As I mentioned on PegasusNews, I hope that you all see that this process is not a railroading; you see how long we spend on these cases. We tried to help as much as we could and made sure that everybody got time to speak (within the rules).

Don't let this be the last of your civic involvement!

I want everybody that came down today to stay involved, keep up on local issues and VOTE! Stay informed, and we can all work together to make this City better.

Michael Davis-Dallas Progress said...


Correction to my last comment...Actually I sit on the far RIGHT. (my left, but your right).

I tried to fight for Monkey bar but some you win and some you lose.