Friday, November 23, 2007

"R" I can't Forget You

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't done "R" day in two weeks. Some of you have harassed me on the phone and in lengthy emails. Well, here's a bunch, and please don't call me before 9am!

Road Agent Nov. 30th

Elliott Johnson
Words Fail Me
November 30th - January 12th, 2008
Artist Reception: Friday, November 30th, 6-8 p.m.

Road Agent is pleased to announce the opening of a solo exhibition of new paintings by Dallas-based artist Elliott Johnson on Friday, November 30, from 6-8 p.m.

Johnson’s rococo flourishes and tendrils are the figures in his mysterious world, hovering in undefined space spouting their own word balloons. The dialogue pushes the viewer towards the utmost melodramatic conclusions: things are always at their most devastatingly vague, their absolute worst. The ornate precision and theatricality of these swirling figures -- deeply hued, unapologetically decorative -- betrays the calculating coldness of their words, darkly and comically sanitizing their cruelty.

Reading the paintings becomes a private performance. The paintings become a touchstone to your own well of memories: you've said this, you've heard this, you've felt this before. It's personal.

Road Agent
2909-A Canton St.
Dallas, TX 75226
214 749-4049
Tues.-Sat. 12-5 p.m.

Avenue Arts Venue On Nov. 30th

From Edward Ruiz:

" We have alot of great shows coming up . be sure to catch this one. even if your not familiar with the bands come give them a chance , you'll still have a great time . Hey everything we do here kicks butt!! believe it!!

My God, They're Toddlers Now!

Kettle Art's reached their terrible twos. They're throwing a two year anniversary party on Dec. 1st, and boy do these guys know how to party (and keep a sista up way past her bedtime!)

...and don't forget to check these gals out wjile you still can:

Earth Science @ Fling

Saturday will rule. These are some of my favorite local artists, and they're all showing together. If you haven't been to a Studio Fling opening, you've been missing out on some of the niftiest people I have the great pleasure to call my friends... oh, and the art kicks butt too!

Red Blood Club is Back!

They're back! After all the hoopla, Red Blood Club is back this Saturday with another great show!

the scarred (punkcore)
the skuds (GA)
warcola (east dallas)
absense of change

dorrs at 8

Come support Red Blood Club, and don't forget to come to City Hall on Wednesday the 28th to show the city you give a good goddamn.

Art Handlers Needed!

From the lovely peeps in charge of Art Conspiracy:

"Looking for Art Handlers - Description Below.

When: Sunday December 9th 5:00p - 10:00p (May not be until ten for all art handlers)

Well we are a little over two weeks away from this year's Art Conspiracy at The Door (club formerly known as gypsy tea room). It is time to fill the volunteer positions of art handlers. There is an art handler at every art station. They are in charge of handling the transactions during auction and keeping an eye on the art work. Here is a break-down of the duties:
- Manages a list of all artwork at the station. (approx. 25 artist's per station)
- Accepts funds for artwork and denotes how much money is coming in for a particular piece of art work on their list.
- Gives a receipt to the person if they need it.
- Keeps on eye on the artwork prior to their auction. (There are three auction during the course of the evening.)

A money drop person comes by periodically to take funds from you so you're not standing there with a ton of cash in your money bag. I am in need of approx. 9 art handlers this year. Let me know if you have any questions. Please respond ASAP to me if you would like to volunteer for this position.

Thank you!!"

Erica Felicella
Art Coordinator, Art Conspiracy

Monday, November 19, 2007

Art Con Tackles the Elements

Wish I knew about this sooner. I would have loved for The Sub-Rosa to have had a square. Eh, at least I'm one of the artists this year (which is super bad-ass), we'll see about becoming a new element next time 'round. I'm thinking something nuclear...

"This weekend Art Conspiracy painted The Periodic Table of Dallas on the side of The-Club-Once-Known-As-The-Gypsy-Tearoom-Now-Known-as-The-Door. It's meant to raise awareness for Art Conspiracy III on Sunday, Dec. 9 at 6pm (100 artists + 3 bands + 2 DJs = 1 Atomic Night) and also raise additional money that will be given to St. Anthony's Community Center in South Dallas so they can continue to provide arts and music programming after school and on weekends.

A special thank you to the awesome people and businesses who bough an element and also big thank yous for Frank Camagna, Kirk Hopper, and Sergio Garcia of The Kettle Gallery for setting us straight on the art of spray painting and lettering.

Thanks Art Con team for contributing elbow grease and losing brain cells due to paint inhalation - the end result was worth it.

Peace and Chicken Grease,


Art Conspiracy III is Sunday, Dec. 9th from 6-10pm. I've been excited about this since Art Conspiracy II, and I know it'll be fun with Miss Erica Felicella at the helm!

-photo by Sarah Jane Semrad (for more pics click here)

Final Days of the Monkey

From the Monkey Bar:

"This message is to update you all on the Monkey Bar's status as of November 19, 2007.

First, we would like to say thank you to all of those who provided letters of support and personal testimony during the Monkey Bar's SUP permit process. We could not have provided better support than we did during that so called "hearing." It was overwhelming to read the personal letters of support from ordinary people that enjoyed our little neighborhood bar. To everyone but the "volunteers" appointed by our elected officials, it was clear that Monkey Bar had overwhelming public support and no documented problems with the multitude of regulators that watch our business. Unfortunately we had a few neighbors that did not enjoy our venue very much and their concerns were clearly aligned with most of the appointed members.
For the record, we sympathize with some of the positions of our neighbors who do not want to live next door or directly behind a bar. If the tables were turned, we certainly recommend taking advantage of an opportunity to voice an opinion to effect improvement to the community. We do not understand the blatant dismissal of such overwhelming support and complete disregard of factual documentation exhibited by City officials. We are also not comfortable with the "hearing" testimony presented by a neighbor regarding the "element" of people in our bar - we appreciate diversity and certainly would not have invested in Exposition Park many years ago if we did not.

Thank you again for those supporters and customers of Monkey Bar.

It is with deep regret that Monkey Bar will be closing as of November 25. We could certainly appeal the City's decision to City Council, however it is clear the City's future plans for Exposition Park does not align with the goals of our family's small business.

We would like to personally invite you to join us for our farewell and inventory reduction party on Friday November 23 and Saturday November 24. "Good neighbor" discounts will be extended to everyone, especially those with Exposition Park flare! - Michael Reed, Wendy Stogsdill-Reed, Gerald Stogsdill, and Debra Stogsdill-Pena."

Dallas Monkey Bar

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Monday, November 12, 2007

How You Can Help

I think that this is very important. Some great guys are hurt, and you can help out!

Reno's Chop Shop posted this up today:

"I am sure that everyone by now has heard that Adam and Barry were stabbed this past Saturday in an incident in one of our Deep Ellum Clubs. In light of this, we know that they will have plenty of medical expenses that they will need help with.

This coming Saturday, November 17th, Reno's will be hosting a benefit show. We need help with the following:

1. If you are a band willing to play a free benefit show for that saturday, get with Alan or Sarah at Reno's and let us know so we can schedule times for everyone, we will be at Reno's every night after 7pm, or you can myspace or call us.

2. If you are willing to volunteer your time to help out with the doors and taking donations.

3. If you are a venue willing to help out in anyway. I know that some folks from other Deep Ellum venues had stopped by last night and expressed their desire to help out in any way. Lets get together and figure out how we want to work this.

In light of all of the SUP's, i think that is important that we all pull together as a community and show that we care about our residents and friends and take care of those in our Deep Ellum family. I think this is a great opportunity for us to really show that we are a wonderful and caring community. These are two of the most wonderful people in Deep Ellum and we need to show them how much we care.

Thank you all for anything you can help out with.

Call us at either 214-448-3145 or 469-360-6844"

-Also, please come to the DEEP meeting tomorrow night @ 9pm @ the new Deep Ellum Association office (2822 Elm St). BYOB and potluck meeting. We have lots to discuss, and lots of giving back to the community to do.


Friday, November 9, 2007

Tomorrow Night

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"R" Day Art on "F" Day

That title cracks me up, and yes, I know I'm the only one.

Basically what happened yesterday is this: I woke up and went to work @ the Deep Ellum Association office 9-1, went to the SUP hearin from 1:30-5:15, then worked @ Terilli's from 5:45-1am. Suffice to say "R" Day art had to move over for da weekend.

SUP Results

My god. I get quite emotional when I think of all the familar faces that were there yesterday to speak up for the bars and clubs. Especially all my friends that spoke for Dada. You guys need to give a sista a hankerchief before you start next time!

A community speaking up for small business bars and clubs (not a franchise in the lot). I'm sad about the Monkey Bar (who can still appeal!), but pleased that everyone else will get to go before City Council.

Special Note:

No one was officially approved. They still have to go before City Council on Dec. 12th, and we need the same amount (if not more) people at that hearing as well. Yesterday was like beating one of the castles in Super Mario Bros. 3 and Dec. 12th is like beating Bowser! (Not that this is a game, or we are beating anyone... I just like Mario in the cute frog suit.)

Here's the results (from DEEP's Blog):

Monkey Bar:

It is difficult to count the number of people here at this time, but probably close to 75 in support of the venues. When asked who was here to support the Monkey Bar, practically the whole room (which was almost filled) stood up. The majority of them were residents of the neighborhood. Still, four residents that were immediate neighbors (within 500 feet) showed up in opposition. They had never spoken with the owner until last week.

Despite Gerald's (Monkey Bar's owner) written commitment to try and meet the oppositions specific demands, the Commission denied the Monkey Bar. Gerald says he intends to appeal.

Currently Minc is facing the commission with some strong opposition. Everyone is here supporting them. I will give an update when it is finished....


There was opposition to Minc mostly from landowners. Gibson Properties was the principal opposition. There was also very strong support from residents and immedate neighbors. The Commission actually seemed to be in favor for Minc. However, there was a motion made by a Commission member for an extension until next week, so that they could attempt reconcilliation with the property owners. Several of the Commission members felt it was not necessary; that they would vote for Minc's approval. However, the motion was seconded and passed. Minc will face the Commission again next week.


Amsterdam strong support, even from property owners. No opposition.

Commission approved their SUP for three years. That recommendation will now go before Dallas City Council on Dec. 12, where the final descision will be made.

Fallout Lounge:

Many supporters. No opposition.

Commission approved their SUP for three years. That recommendation will now go before Dallas City Council on Dec. 12, where the final descision will be made.

Club Dada:

One opposed, but did not show. Strong support.

Commission approved their SUP for three years (correction five years). That recommendation will now go before Dallas City Council on Dec. 12, where the final descision will be made.

Double Wide:

Many supporters. Five people were on record in opposition--apparently they could not be troubled to make their way out to the City Plan Commission though. If they had actually showed up, it would have been a rough day for Jill and Kim. One of the commissioners noted that as well.

Their SUP was approved (not sure for how long) (two years). That recommendation will now go before Dallas City Council on Dec. 12, where the final descision will be made.

The Bone:
(I heart Rhonda!)

Many supporters; I believe there was one opposition on record, but they did not show up.

Commission approved their SUP (three years, I believe). That recommendation will now go before Dallas City Council on Dec. 12, where the final descision will be made.

Elm St./Darkside:

Wes owns (correction: Wes manages, i believe Mike owns) both of these bars and there were two different hearings. The results were the same for both: many supporters and no opposition showed (possibly one on record).

Commission approved their SUP (not sure how long) (three years). That recommendation will now go before Dallas City Council on Dec. 12, where the final descision will be made.

-The italics are me puttin in my two cents-

I actually had a councilman (the only one who verbally stood up for Monkey Bar) write me a letter (it's in the previous posting's comments), and we really did show the planning peeps that we care. That we give a good goddamn about our very unique piece of turf. Hey, these planning peeps (yep I said that twice!) aren't all that bad, in fact they had me
laughhing a few times.

Come back for round two on Dec. 12th. Let's show city council the same spirit!

-- and come support Minc next week, same place, same time.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

See you tomorrow!

Ok. I am pooped. I need to rest. I need to read and spend time with my man.

I will be @ City Hall @ 1:30. I hope to see you there because you care about these businesses, people, and way of life.

I'll put up the "R" Day art in the morning. Sleep well and dream of a place where the small guy doesn't get squashed by greed.


What Organization are You Talking About Anyway?

Lots of confusion about the Deep Ellum Association and the Deep Ellum Foundation. I need to make this perfectly clear:

In their origin, the Deep Ellum Association (a non-profit organization) was to be financially supported by The Deep Ellum Foundation (a supporting organization). The Foundation existed exclusively to help the Association.

The Association's funds come from an operating account that generates money from membership fees and fund raising.

The Foundation's funds come from a PID account (Public Improvement District) that generates money from property owner's overcasting themselves and overpaying a small percentage of property taxes. That percentage dumps into the PID. This is a significantly larger account.

The PID $ is supposed to be spent every year on public improvement, marketing, and efforts to maintain and strengthen the neighborhood.

For many years they worked hand in hand...

Then, in February 2007, these organizations split. The Association was kicked out their office on Commerce, and the PID funds are now directed solely by The Foundation.

Now, 9 months later, The Association has a new office on Elm St. (2822), and I am in there every day trying to organize 16 years of paperwork, and get this service to the community up and running.

I've spent many hours of MY OWN TIME trying to help out on the SUP cause, and though I cannot speak for the Association (please note that it is not the Foundation), it is not opposed to the clubs, bars and tattoo parlors.

The Association is made up of residents, business owners (all types) as well as a few land owners.

Note: Don Cass, a land owner, has came and spoke kindly about businesses in these SUP hearings. They are not all bad or trying to bulldoze the neighborhood. In fact Don Blanton (our landlord) was in today to take a look at the office, and yesterday he personally taught me how to use our trash compactor.

These men are both members of the Association.

My friend Mark from Pawn (an Association member) wants you to read this:

"We wanted to post this up to negate some of the comments directed towards the nebulous “they” which our name occasionally becomes attached.

The purpose of the Deep Ellum Association is to represent business owners and residents in the area. The members of the Association work and live in the area and have similar concerns to many of our neighbors. There has been some confusion between our goals and the goals of the Deep Ellum Foundation, which consists of major property owners and real estate developers.

Just to clarify some points:

The Deep Ellum Association consists of small business owners and is all for business that run in a responsible manner, obey the laws and behave like good neighbors. This includes tattoo parlors, nightclubs, bars, restaurants and sex shops as well as the other diverse range of businesses in the area. Deep Ellum is a bastion of music, art, culture and commerce and we embrace everything which promotes that end in healthy proportions.

The Deep Ellum Association does not support the coordinated efforts of developers, major property owners and the Deep Ellum Foundation have been engaging in to close down business and gentrify the neighborhood. A large number of Associations members would be directly affected by an increase in rent/taxes, not to mention the unique history and texture of this amazing area would be obliterated.

We are of the opinion that some development is inevitable but should be coordinated with a master plan which includes as much of the old as possible, incorporating new construction as appropriate. We believe the plan should be an updated version of Plan Development 269, which was developed by an urban planning firm at the request of the city. (this plan can be found at

The SUP is a city-wide program and was not invented by The Deep Ellum Association or Foundation. Oak Lawn and Greeville Avenue bar/clubs all have to get use permits. The SUPs were brought into the area by the major property owners to combat some of the clubs which were not good neighbors and cause problems. The concept of parking allotments for square footage is not supported by the Deep Ellum Association. We are working to maintain what already is a walking entertainment area, so the idea of having mandatory parking is contrary to our goals.

DEA Mixer
We will be having our next neighborhood meet and greet on November 15 from 6-8pm at Crustaceans (2711 Elm). We invite you all to come have and speak with us in person. We will endeavor to get as many DEA members to come to that event, so you can get a feel for the overall makeup of our organization."

-taken from Save Deep Ellum

Monday, November 5, 2007

From The Monkey Bar:

This is going around the net. Another call for YOUR help from The Monkey Bar:

"We are in the process of going through a rezoning faze with the city. All appeared well, and we were given a letter stating that the city was recommending we receive out rezoning (special use permit).

Well there seems to be 1 or 2 people in the neighborhood who wish that Monkey Bar was not there.

So we need your help! If you could please write a letter stating your name, and address if you live near the bar, and if not, please write a letter anyway showing your support. The letter should encompass why you love the monkey bar, and what it means to you.

We are unfairly accused of being a "Dive Bar" with less than desirable clientel. Now I think our clientel is great, our bar is great, and you wont find a better patio in Dallas. We are also probably one of the safest bars in Dallas. The actual building that the Monkey is in, has been a bar / lounge for well over 10 years, and was there WAY before the residential building started to occur.

So please help us out, and write us a letter. You can email the letter to or bring it by the bar anytime this week after 5:30pm (408 Exposition, Dallas Tx. 75226). Our next meeting with the city council is on Thursday, and with enough support we will be able to keep our bar open.

I will keep you posted on when the meeting on Thursday is, so maybe all of you can come down there with us, and show unity."

Dallas Monkey Bar

FYI: The hearing starts @ 1:30pm. Sometimes it goes quick, sometimes it's slow as hell, but there is no telling. Be prepared to be there 'til 5pm.

Also, DEEP is meeting @ The Monkey Bar tomorrow night (Nov. 6) @ 9pm. These issues and more are up for discussion. (Oh, we have fun too!)

Help These Dogs Out Too!

My girl Janelle needs you to come hang out and drink coffee fit for the pooches. Here's what Urban Dog Coffee can do for you:

"Urban Dog Coffee is a friendly neighborhood coffee shop that openly invites you and your dog to come visit us !!
We have both an indoor lounge area and a large gated outside patio where you and your pup are welcome to sit, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.
We even have free WiFi available!

The only rule is that when ordering drinks or snacks, all animals must be either in the lounge area or patio so we can keep our drinks fur free !!
(we offer places to tie animals when ordering from the cafe)

Our coffee shop offers all of the drinks that you would norm
ally order from the larger chain coffee shops as well as our own special Urban Dog Blend coffee that we highly recommend !
We also offer oatmeal in the mornings as well as granola,fresh fruit,yogurt,freshly baked scones,and a variety of other tasty pastries throughout the day.

And if your dog needs a little snack we are conveniently located in the same building as
City Pet Supply so you can pick up a treat to keep your dog happy while you enjoy your coffee !"

Sounds like the perfect place for pet lovers to get their caffeine fix! Here's the local info:

2720 Oak Lawn @ Congress
Dallas, Tx 75219
Monday through Saturday 7am - 6pm

Please Help These Cats Out!

This was posted today by Mike @ The Amsterdam Bar:

"This Thursday we go before the City Planning Commission to get a specific use permit for our bar. I'm going to skip the full explanation and get to the point. We could use some support from neighbors on the block & residents of PD269. We would like to get a group of residents, preferably on the block or Gibson tenants who will be able to address the CPC panel and let them know we are good neighbors, don't invite a troublesome crowd to the neighborhood, and are an asset to the neighborhood in which you reside. Though we are not anticipating any opposition to our request to the CPC, It would be better to be prepared than not should opposition arise.

Case in point, Monkey Bar. Gerald underestimated the potential for opposition, and ran across some with his neighbors behind him. They had several letters & speakers opposing his SUP request. Gerald had nothing, as he did not think this was going to be a problem. The CPC gave him a week to see if there could be any compromise made, if not he's likely gone. The lesson I take from that is one of preparedness.

If you'd be interested in speaking on our behalf, email me at Fallout Lounge & Minc will also have their CPC meeting on that date. I'm sure they'd like some support from their neighbors as well.,This Thursday we go before the City Planning Commission to get a specific use permit for our bar. I'm going to skip the full explanation and get to the point. We could use some support from neighbors on the block & residents of PD269. We would like to get a group of residents, preferably on the block or Gibson tenants who will be able to address the CPC panel and let them know we are good neighbors, don't invite a troublesome crowd to the neighborhood, and are an asset to the neighborhood in which you reside. Though we are not anticipating any opposition to our request to the CPC, It would be better to be prepared than not should opposition arise.

If you'd be interested in speaking on our behalf, email me at Fallout Lounge & Minc will also have their CPC meeting on that date. I'm sure they'd like some support from their neighbors as well."

Double Wide is up as well. Seriously folks these people need YOUR help. If you are too shy to speak, write a letter, and I will read it for you!

SUP Hearing Damns Two

Last Thursday (Nov. 1st) I was unable to stay for the entire SUP hearing 'cause I had to scurry off to work. Fellow member Scott has the info. for you:

Zoning Commission Results for 11/01/2007

As I mentioned in a bulletin previously, today was the day for six Deep Ellum establishments to go before the Dallas City Zoning Commission. The Commission was to to decide if the applicants would be fowarded to Dallas City Council to have their SUP (Specific Use Permit) reviewed. In this new cilimate in Deep Ellum, bars and clubs must have an SUP and if it gets denied it means their existence as a bar will cease.

Those who were denied today will not be allowed to exist in the capacity of a bar or dance club. Those who did get recommended for the City Council today are not out of the woods yet. Final approval is up to City Council's discretion.

Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Observer has an intersting post in his "Unfair Park" blog. Read the post when you get a chance and keep up with what he writes about this area--he's good.

The Zoning Commission has a member of staff review alll SUP applications before meeting about them. It is interesting to note, all venues received a staff recommended review, but the Zoning Commission did not approve them all. So, here are the results:

Curtain Club/Liquid

Asked for an extension and was granted one.

Monkey Bar

It was almost denied; its fate still hangs in the balance. One of the commission members motioned for an extension to allow the owner to collect more information and that motion was granted. There were four residents from the town homes behind it that spoke in opposition. The main complaint: noise. The building where the Monkey Bar existh has a history of being a bar that far predates the existence of those town homes: it was the Expo Lounge, once-upon-a-time.


Approved with no opposition and people did speak on their behalf.


TomCat's was denied. A couple of people spoke in opposition, a couple of people on behalf, including members of DEEP. Many negative things were said about it with little facts behind it: allegations of drug, guns, violence and loud rock music--not to mention the unsavory characters (sounds like a fun place to me). Oh, did I mention they said it didn't look pretty? And we can't forget the crying elderly woman that presented herself at the podium--difficult to beat that. The funny thing is: it only had eight incidents reported to the police in five years. I am not sure if they will appeal--I encourage them to do so.

Red Blood Club

Approved to go before the Dallas City Council with no opposition. Many spoke on their behalf; several affiliated with DEEP did too, including Frank Campagna and his daughter Amber. Frank has been a member of the Deep Ellum community since 1982. He is owner (along with Kirk) and proprietor of Kettle Art. He and crew were responsible for the "TunnelVision" artwork that perished this year with the tunnel (which the city approved, of course)

Red Blood still has to be approved by the Council. There is no guarantee they will, but it seems likely. And if they get approved, they will have to renew it in a year or two. I wouldn't get too comfortable; there are bigger plans at work here--I'll talk more on that later....

Club One

Shelley had two hearings in front of two different commissions. First was her after hours dance hall permit (allows her to stay open til 4 AM). The second hearing was what everyone else there was seeking: approval to go to before the City Council to have their SUP (Specific Use Permit) reviewed.

The after hours permit was denied and I believe that takes effect almost immediately (not tonight though). She was also denied to go before the City Council for approval to remain a bar/dance club. Many people spoke on her behalf; four or five, most of them affiliated with DEEP. Lord Byron, who spawned Panoptikon and spins on that night, spoke on her behalf too. He has been very supportive of Deep Ellum for a long time. He also supports DEEP and attends our meetings as his heavy travel schedule allows.

At this point, it is not really clear when Club One's SUP denial takes effect. She is going to appeal and she thinks she will be allowed to stay open until then, but it is unclear. If you love you some Panoptikon, best go see her tonight.

Close to twelve people affiliated with DEEP attended the Zoning Commission. We thank everyone for coming out--it was a very long meeting. Thanks to Benny for coming out too. He manages several of the parking lots here and is owner of Benny's Food Mart on Main (make sure and check him out).

I have much more to say on all this and the "new vision" of Deep Ellum, including those quotes I promised last Dallas City Council meeting (and audio to back them up). It will have to be this weekend though; I am headed to Panoptikon.


This Thursday (Nov. 8) come to City Hall, sixth floor to see the City Planning Committee Hearing. They need YOUR support. Don't be apathetic.

Clubs going up:

Elm St. Bar
Monkey Bar

I think a few others might be going up (Double Wide, The Bone, and Amsterdam), but I will be sure by tomorrow.

Don't let a few people's "vision" of a Deep Ellum with no live music, tattoos, or nightlife period stunt all the positive stuff going on down here.

Also, if you dig the Monkey Bar and live in the area, please write a letter on their behalf and send it to me ( They are facing a small group of residents and need their neighbor's support.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Mark Mothersbaugh

Tonight (11/2), Pawn Gallery's hosting Mark Mothersbaugh's Postcard Diaries @ 7pm.

Mark won't be there, but he'll answer some questions via some ritzy alien technology. I found this neat video about the Postcard Diaries this morning (filmed @ the Bambi Gallery in Philadelphia).

...and click here for an interview with the Devolutionist himself.

See you tonight @ the show!