Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Saturday Night!!!!

So, this Saturday a lot's going on in Deep Ellum... and most of it's on the same block!


This so, so darned cute. A stare off to help out blind kids!

There's going to be beer and burritos. The winner of the stare off gets... a belt! Like a wrestling champ. I'll let them give you the details:

Next (5-7):

The unveiling (& judging) of the first round of mural paintings! I've seen a few of these murals and they kick some serious butt. I hear that there'll be a margarita machine as well. For some really cool pics of some of the murals click here.

@ Kettle (7-10):

The Collaboration Show! Seen the art @ this one too (I worked on 3 pieces). Totally worth your time. Some great local talent coming together over @ Kettle. (I find that blinking quickly at the following picture helps you see 'em all.)

In the Kettle/Sunshine Parking Lot (7-10):

Make sure to walk around the corner from the Collaboration Show and buy a few trinkets from locals @ The Deep Ellum Sell'um (& Ruth @ the Sunshine Store). This new flea market is fun for everyone. Go DEEP!

Phew... I don't know if I handle this much fun!

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