Thursday, October 18, 2007

Murals Gettin Serious Press

'Bout damned time the press started focusing on a GOOD thing when it comes to Deep Ellum.

In case you didn't come out Saturday , didn't get a copy of the Quick, the Guide, or The Dallas Morning News yesterday, or were without internet for over a frickin week (me) and didn't see, check out this kick ass slide show to see the new murals of Deep Ellum.

The winners of the mural competition Re*Cov*Er were, 1st place, the fellas from Reel FX for their awesome Blind Lemmon Jefferson street scene, and 2nd place, Janet Antich for her John Lee Hooker mural.

It was fun to see the murals go up, and I can't wait 'til the next installment!

Special props to my homies Sergio for his Nora Jones mural on the side of the old Green Room, and Amber Campagna for her mural of Broose Dickenson (Pop Poppins and Too Much TV) in the Sunshine parking lot.

Cindy has pics from the mural paintings (click here) and this past Saturday's festivities (click here), the mural awards and Kettle's Collaboration Show.

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