Saturday, September 1, 2007

Yea! Roy Ivy!!

I'm not going to lie. I'm not going to pretend I am cool or "hip". I'm not going to pretend to be some amazing snob with a cigarette holder and a fancy French hat saying amazing things about music and taste.

I simply love the Tah-Dahs. They make me smile. They make me bob my head. They have catchy songs that are brilliant and poppy at the same time. I am not a groupie, but if I could be one, I might tag along with these fellas.

Suffice to say, I was tickled pink to be able to interview the Tah-Dahs' front man Roy Ivy. Seriously, I don't think there is another human in Dallas that visibly spreads delirious glee to an audience quit like Roy, and if you haven't seen them play, well dammit, you'd better hurry the F up.

So without further adieu, a few words from Roy:

SR:Tell me about the birth of The Tah-dahs?

RI: We were a breach baby. Years ago, I made the decision that I was gonna be the kind of asshole who starts a band, so I asked my pot dealer and the neighborhood bully to join, and magic was made. James Porter and Charlie Pappathansiou turned my twee songs into glasses-breakers.

SR: Who are your influences?

RI:Same ol' influences everyone has--The Replacements, The Feelies, Jonathan Richman, Pavement, The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group, Big Star, Fleetwood Mac, Lee Hazelwood, The Rutles, The Violent Femmes Underground, etc.

SR: What influences do you like to be under?

RI:I use and endorse psychedelics, marijuana, and beer.

SR: What other bands/projects have you been involved with? (musical or non-musical)?

I was one of the E's in the Polyphonic Spree, back when Stephen Stills and Tupac were in the choir.

SR: What local act(besides The Tah Dahs) should I NOT miss?

RI:Don't miss that Laura Palmer. I hear good things. Also, these kids called ZZ Top, they're on the move. I hear the Happy Bullets simulate sex on stage now with fans--then i hear that it's no simulation.

SR: Who is your favorite super hero and why?

RI:Dennis Kuchinich. And The Iron Giant. Both are just the sweetest, most misunderstood potentially lethal flying Christ figures.

SR: Tell me a bit about how you write songs/lyrics?

RI: Just like Eddie Vedder, I go into a cave for a few weeks... Actually, I write songs like a cat. I'll have a dry year, then I get knocked up and plop out a litter of songs. The best songs come in a flash, words and lyrics intact.

SR: Tell me about the best show you've ever played in your life.

RI:Haven't played it yet.

SR: Who's your favorite writer?

RI: I hate everything i loved when i was 18 and smart and horny. Between Henry Miller's penis, Kundera's penis, Nabokov's penis, Bukowski's run-on penis, John Kennedy Toole's dead fat penis, and Terry Southern's overrated penis, I hardly read shit anymore. I do like Cormac Mccarthy's penis, but who doesn't.

SR: What's your favorite musical?

RI: The Muppet Movie, The South Park movie, Dancer in the Dark, and Ishtar (the songs are really good, really.)

SR:What's it like being married to another songwriter?

RI: Not to be smug, but it really is great to be me.
Being married to another songwriter is like getting the ultimate revenge on all of those jocks who always got the cute songwriter in high school.
Sometimes it's like the Journey song Faithfully, except it sucks when you're the one steve perry is singing to. I'm used to being Steve Perry.
Seriously, she's the world hottest editor, and if she wasn't such a good songwriter, I never woulda proposed.

Tonight the Tah-Dahs are playing at the Cavern with Fishboy and Laura Palmer. It should be a great show, and you'd better catch 'em while you can!

-photos from The Tah-Dah's myspace page.

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