Monday, September 10, 2007

The Big Night!

Whether you are an avid art collector, or an admiring gallery walker, whether you know about DADA (Dallas Area Art Dealers) or DEEP (Deep Ellum Enrichment Project), or read about them just now for the first time, you should be out and about on this Saturday, Sept. 15th.

Tons of galleries are having openings... and that means festivities, drinks, and open doors to an experience that is growing in popularity 'round DFW. In case no one told you, art openings are ultra-hip, and for those of you who don't care about being hip (like nerdy old me), they are fun!

Both DADA and DEEP are hosting gallery walks that evening.

DADA's gallery walk includes 37 art galleries in the metroplex including: Arlington, Deep Ellum, Design District, Downtown, Irving, North Dallas, Oak Cliff, Park Cities, and Uptown. Um, I think you might actually need a car for this one, since it's 2-8pm and I don't know of many people who can (or would) walk from Irving to North Dallas in 6 hours. For a list of all the galleries involved in DADA's event click here.

Since I am a bit more familiar with my hood, I'm going to be walking around Deep Ellum and Exposition Park that evening. What's going on that night? Oh, only a ton of stuff!

Art Club will be hosting the Alpha Exhibit once more from 2-9pm, so if you missed out on First Thursday, you can catch this:

Pawn Gallery is the spot for Marc Bolan fans:

Kettle Art Gallery's having a little ladies night. Don't let the cuteness fool you, these are some seriously talented artists, and I hear there might be a few surprises lending to the ambiance of the gallery this Saturday.
Oh, yeah. My art's in this show. I've got some new stuff, so you'd better be there damn it.

The Public Trust (Art Prostitute... the whole name thing had me confused, but I think I get it now. The book they put out is called Art Prostitute and the gallery is The Public Trust. Correct me if I'm wrong, and I'm sure you will.) is having an opening called "Urban Abstract: New work by Evan Hecox" that night.

Canvas Gallery
will be holding their second annual Erotic Art Show from 6-8pm and these girls (The Ruby Revue Dancers) will be struttin their stuff:

So, not only are all these events going on, but DEEP's holding their own gallery walk (and it's almost all within actual walking distance), and they've convinced even more galleries and art related venues in the Deep Ellum/Exposition Park area to open their doors for you this Saturday.

I should have a maps and further details in a few days, but Nine Eyes, Studio Fling and many others are rumored to be involved.

Just in case you need one more reason (like all these others aren't enough!) to come down to my neck of the woods... DRAG QUEENS!


meanut mutter man said...

Great job Alison. Lot's a stuff w/a little fluff.

Canvas said...

Thank you so much for mentioning us! We appreciate it!

fuzzbuzz said...

It's also closing weekend for Societe Anonyme at DMA- a lovely Modern exhibit that is full of amazing pieces.