Thursday, September 13, 2007

Something Postitive and "R" Day Art

I want to look at something positive:

So you already know about what's going on Saturday...
It might be a good idea to repost to keep them in the loop.

There will be art openings at Public Trust, Barry Whistler, Road Agent, Pawn, Nine Eyes, Studio Fling, Canvas, and many others that same night.

and that's just in the Ellum / Expo area... If you like gre
at art, free wine and good people I am sure every gallery in town will put their best foot forward.

Here's the art for "R' Day (Random Art Day)

by Judith Lea Perkins

by Paige Moore

By Havi Frost
(models Dawn the Butcher and Chloe)

These women will all be in the show "Another Little Piece of My Art" with me on Saturday.

Here's one of my pieces that will be in the show:

Also, due to all the SUP info. we've been gathering, I will have to release the second installment of "Something Good in the Neighborhood" on Monday. Please come out to these events this Saturday. Deep Ellum and Expo Park are under fire, and we need your support. Once you get here you'll see... we are far from dead! :) (I thought we all need a smiley face right about now!)

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