Thursday, September 13, 2007

Something Good In the Neighborhood: DEEP pt.1

Perhaps you've heard of DEEP. It stands for the Deep Ellum Enrichment Project. I love DEEP. DEEP loves Deep Ellum, even today, after all the B.S., they still love the most controversial and ignored part of Dallas.

In case you didn't know (and live under a rock), Deep Ellum has gone through major violence, negative press, closures, rumored death, and is now in the beginning stages of a major transformation.

There are many parties involved trying to shape the future of this historical, beloved neighborhood.

Some for economical gain. Some for political clout. Some for historical preservation. DEEP just wants to shape it by the most simple, yet powerful reason available to the human psyche: love.

DEEP is made up of gallery owners, club owners, bar owners, retail owners, wait-staff, bartenders, artists, musicians, restaurant owners, families and concerned citizens that love Deep Ellum.

Since the beginning, when they were called "Save the Scene", DEEP has struggled to revive the spirit that has cycled throughout this unique community for decades.

They've put together concerts, a haunted house, gallery walks, movie nights, street performer festivals, and flea markets. These events have been growing in popularity, and in a neighborhood starved for positive attention, DEEP is a very welcome alternative to negative press and looming conglomerate developers.

When I first started attending DEEP meetings, there were, at max, maybe fifteen of us on a regular basis. Now, meetings have grown to 30+, and there are more plus meetings these days. Why?

Because of the sincerity DEEP implores with each event; the will to keep going reguardless of money or capital gain.

Because DEEP members keep showing up, keep caring without a paycheck.

Because DEEP loves their neighborhood.

--Tomorrow, pt.2: DEEP from the member's mouths.

Pictures courtsey DEEP's Myspace and Angelica.

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