Sunday, September 16, 2007

Something Good In the Neighborhood: DEEP pt. 2

Earlier this week I started telling you a bit about a neat group that plans events (art walks, movie nights, flea markets, concerts, street performer festivals, ect.) and supports their creative 'hood. Today I'll let some of the members tell you why they think DEEP is such an important part of the Dallas community.

Kelly Clemons (Treasurer)
: The reason I think that DEEP is such an important attribute to Deep Ellum is because a lot of the people are living in Deep Ellum, working in Deep Ellum, partying in Deep Ellum, and aren't content with watching it crumble around them. We are not standing around and watching, but trying our best to be proactive and doing everything we can to see it thrive in the arts, music and commerce.

So many are in it for personal gain, for money, and I can honestly say that this group is not, they're in it solely to see Deep Ellum thrive. So many things today are false and have pretenses, and hidden agendas, but the DEEP group does not have that.

Kenny Ordeneaux: I joined DEEP a couple weeks ago. I've been living in Deep Ellum for about a year now, and I just wanted to get involved more in the community down here. I see a lot of my friends go down to Greenville and I want to keep it in the neighborhood.

I'm from New Orleans: a little neighborhood where we appreciate the culture. All our local businesses have an original flavor, so I really hate to see a bunch of places close down. One of my favorite places was Wax down here on Commerce. They had great music, my friend used to DJ and it closed.

I joined to get a little more involved and meet some people in the neighborhood, have a good time, and this is a great group of people and they're doing a good thing.

Kevin Spurgin:
I first came to DEEP because Marc Trainer told me about it. He said it's a cool group. I think people in Deep Ellum are pretty amazing. I love the area. I love the art. I love the music. I love the food. So, it's a great opportunity to get involved in promoting that, and helping other people see that Deep Ellum really is an amazing place with amazing people.

I think that's the key: the people. It's probably one of the reasons I keep coming back to the meeting every week. It;s the people, the relationships, the friends. They don't judge you, don't condemn you, but are real and accepting.

Angelica: I've been coming to DEEP meetings since early 2007, and I chose to get involved with DEEP because it's all about preserving culture here in Dallas that is unique. I used to come to Deep Ellum in my teens and I'm sad to see any of the music, the arts, the fashion... I'd hate to see that go away, so I'm here to do whatever I can to help this group preserve and promote it.

Johnny Hardy: For locals by locals. These people aren't in it for the money, they're just like-minded locals with a positive attitude trying to maintain the eclectic spirit and create activity in this neighborhood. I grew up down here. Lots of quality time when I was a little bitty guy over at Sons of Herman Hall.

Deep Ellum's had so much history, even in the last 30 years, and geese, we're not going to piss it away with big businesses. Whether the big business comes in or not, we're going to maintain our spirit.

Tiffany Kieran: DEEP's become a true community in the way that a lot of people have wished that Dallas would become, a community of down to earth people who really care about each other. This is a lot of people who care about each other's artwork, the history of the area, and are coming together.

It's like in New York or San Francisco or Chicago or any really big city.....this area is getting like that, it has this really cool eclectic, organic vibe. You get that sense that people really care about each other.

Marc Trainer (Vice President): I think DEEP's important to this area because... just look at the diverse group that we have here. We have art galleries represented, bars represented, waiters, waitresses, patrons. I mean somebody like me, who happens to be the vice president... all I do is come down here and party. We all love this area.

This area has so much history, so much value to all of us. I consider Deep Ellum my home because this where I go to feel like I'm at home. The main thing about this area: It's not about what you do, it's about who you are. People are interested in you down here. Not because you have a mohawk or because you're wearing a polo, but because you're here, and they love you for just being here.

They accept you however you are. It's simply the most accepting environment that I've ever been involved with. When I first moved down to Dallas, I was a poor orphan kid that no on wanted anything to do with, but then I come down here, and everyone wanted something to do with me. Because of that it fels like home, and I think that it's home to everyone involved with DEEP.

Well said. DEEP's next meeting is Tuesday, September 18th @ Mama Mia's @9pm. This meeting will focus on helping the bars and clubs in the area get any information they need to finish up their SUP by Wednesday's deadline. Don't worry, I am sure there will be plenty of smiles, drink, merriment and... pizza! Hell, if this wasn't a positive atmosphere I wouldn't have wasted the last eight months frequenting the meetings, so take our word: DEEP is something good in this neighborhood.

-photos from "Street Art Attacks"/Street Performer Festival by Justin Clemons

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What a great way for DEEP to have a voice and say what it means. As always nice work Alison.