Thursday, September 27, 2007

"R"day: This Week's Random Art

This week "R" stands for Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr I want a cheeseburger. I know this cleanse is good for me, in fact I feel great, but I've actually been dreaming about fast food. Hey, you try eating nothing but a few almonds and drinking aloe vera juice and tell me what you dream of.

Oh, yeah. Today is also dedicated to my friend Paul, and he knows why.

by Kristopher Pollard

by Cary McCoy

by Crimson Allen

note: Kristopher Pollard is NOT a local artist. I put him on here because he will be showing at Pawn Gallery on Oct. 27th for the Horrors of the Enchanted Wasteland show that benefits the Texas Campaign for the Environment. ( Hey I'm in that show!) In the next few weeks you'll see some of those artists making special appearances on "R" Day just for fun.

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