Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mas On The Way

Have you ever had one of those weekends where you start out ready to tackle a million projects, save the universe, and look pretty doing it?

Then the fact that you haven't had time to yourself since July (it's now September mind you), or even a day off work in over 50 days, slaps you in the face like a brick of the Sandman's backstock? Has that ever happened to you?

It sure as hell happened to me. So, though I had three badass articles planned for this Monday morning, I'm going to have to be good to myself and spread 'em out like fancy, fatty butter over the week.

So, today is all about my homie Havi Frost. She kicks ass and absolutely looks pretty doing it.

Coming This Week:

The scoop on September 15th. Where the party at, where the art at, and where you should be at.

Wednesday: Something Good In The Neighborhood: Who DEEP is and what they're doing for you.

Thursday: "R"Day: This Week's Random Art.

Now you're just going to keep coming back for more, but you were going to anyway... weren't you? (Correct answer is yes.)

PS - Does anyone want to take one or two sweet little male kittens off my hands? (They're litter trained.) I love them to death, but four animals is two too many for me. Just puttin it out there.


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