Sunday, September 2, 2007

Feed An Artist

This Thursday, Art Club is hosting an exhibit that is more than a bunch of cool art. It's the big kick-off for a new organization, started by C.Kirk Smith, built to give a helping hand to up and coming artists in the area. Here's the deal straight from Feed An Artist's mouth:

"I'm a brand new art organization that just suddenly materialized out of thin air. I'm designed to further the art scene in Dallas by offering anyone & everyone collective experience, strength, & hope.

I ask for nothing in return. I will provide: info about op
portunities, information to help artist learn new skills, build relationships, advertise, organize, share the skinny on the business-side of the art scene and encourage good will & good-old-fashion positive thinking among all.

Feed An Artist Inc is moving forward toward our goal of establishing a physical location that will offer these same services while providing a commission-free gallery for our members here in Dallas."

The Alpha Exhibit


artists who use recycled or found materials

Curated by Sara Jane Semrad (art conspiracy)

Reception thur sept.6th 6pm-9pm Free

Artclub 823 Exposition Ave.


Jimmy R. said...

I am a really starving ARtist. I luck out in eatting one penut butter samdwitch evry day or sum beers. FEED ME!I thimk I seen these guys in th ePiture befor out by FAir park so can I eat to? or Is ths is a scam jus set up to feed them.
Jimmy R.

Alison said...

No it is not a scam. It is set up to give artists free advise and eventually a commission free gallery. (It's stated pretty clearly in the post.) The "feeding" is a metaphor for growing artistically.
PS. Yes it does work when you leave comments. I must have to moderate them before they post. It keeps spam to a minimum.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for spreading the word and for explaining to the peanutbutter gentleman what we're about. Thank to so much and sorry I couldn't make it out last night, Feed An Artist was out in the sun all day at the Urban Arts Festival. It was worth it, but man, the sun really takes it out of me. How'd you do?
Your friend,

Alison said...

Thanks C.Kirk, and the show is on the 15th, so you didn't miss a thing!