Saturday, September 29, 2007

Events, people, the Fun Land of Deep Ellum

Tonight two BIG events are going on downtown. Deep Ellum to be precise.

I cannot decide between the two... so you should go to both!

Here's the flyers:

This one is for the CODE event by Copasetic Ballyhoo:

This one is for the Town Square Project Event:

TSP Logo Header NEW
Town Square Event
This Sat Night 9/29
Club DaDa & the Sunsh
ine Stage
Downtown's best
ultural Block Party
of th
e Year!
We're giving away
$5,000 in FREE Tickets!!
Email us for yours, hurry they don't last long.

see previous events here
The talent is coming out to light up the night, the business owners are supporting, and the neighborhood is alive with people.

Come out to show your support of a healthy and growing Deep Ellum.

Be a part of positive change in our backyard.

1+ beautiful MC
5+ body paint artists
10+ live art performers
10+ spoken word artists
15+ models
15+ musical acts
20+ dancers
30+ artists
600+ people loving it all!

This is the third in an ongoing celebration of culture.
However, this is the
first time in over five years that two block party festivals have been thrown on the same night!!

All this is being developed to draw attention to the music and art that is still very much alive in Deep Ellum.

For media passes please email us
For verification please include your name, company, position, department, direct line, office line, best email. Thx

See what you've been missing

We look forward to meeting you.
Town Square Team

This event is possible because of Downtown local business owners. These are people who believe in the history and culture that has grown in this area for over 100 years!

These patrons are excited about what the next 10 years will grown into! Come see why they believe in our community and why you might too.

Every sponsor has offered you a special 'locals' discount. Here's some free stuff for living in a cool part of town! yeaaaa, ok

Just ask for the
Town Square Special,
it helps the community

Please support those that
support your community.
Or get used to saying
"heil Starbucks."

Dang, it's gonna be a party...and just down the street @ The Darkside Lounge (walking distance!!). It's a gruesome pic, but metal heads know the drill, and the candles are pretty. (Yours truly is a closet metal head... shhhhh).

I heard from a friendly ninja that two super neat things are in the works:

1. Cindy (@ The Fine Line) is working with the great Hal Samples over @ Space. What a neat place for her!

2. Amanda Newman is going to be booking for Dada again. I heart her.

So... Monday's my 26th berfday. The loverly man 'o my life is taking me to eat @ Al Biernat's. Sweet. I'll let you know how the Elk tastes next week.

Later that night, this is going on over @ The Darkside Lounge:

For an awesome and hilarious interview I did back in January with The Kansas City Faggots click here. I love those boys, and I love Carie, Wes, Mike, Tre, and Gilbert @ Darkside so GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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