Saturday, September 29, 2007

Shout Out!

Big Fat Shout Out to Kettle Art and The Public Trust!

Go grab a copy of the Dallas Observer's Best Of issue right now. Two Deep Ellum art galleries won!!!!

-Kettle Art won Best Defiant Spirit and Reader's Pick for Best Art Gallery.

-The Public Trust (Art Prostitute) won Best Art Gallery.


Events, people, the Fun Land of Deep Ellum

Tonight two BIG events are going on downtown. Deep Ellum to be precise.

I cannot decide between the two... so you should go to both!

Here's the flyers:

This one is for the CODE event by Copasetic Ballyhoo:

This one is for the Town Square Project Event:

TSP Logo Header NEW
Town Square Event
This Sat Night 9/29
Club DaDa & the Sunsh
ine Stage
Downtown's best
ultural Block Party
of th
e Year!
We're giving away
$5,000 in FREE Tickets!!
Email us for yours, hurry they don't last long.

see previous events here
The talent is coming out to light up the night, the business owners are supporting, and the neighborhood is alive with people.

Come out to show your support of a healthy and growing Deep Ellum.

Be a part of positive change in our backyard.

1+ beautiful MC
5+ body paint artists
10+ live art performers
10+ spoken word artists
15+ models
15+ musical acts
20+ dancers
30+ artists
600+ people loving it all!

This is the third in an ongoing celebration of culture.
However, this is the
first time in over five years that two block party festivals have been thrown on the same night!!

All this is being developed to draw attention to the music and art that is still very much alive in Deep Ellum.

For media passes please email us
For verification please include your name, company, position, department, direct line, office line, best email. Thx

See what you've been missing

We look forward to meeting you.
Town Square Team

This event is possible because of Downtown local business owners. These are people who believe in the history and culture that has grown in this area for over 100 years!

These patrons are excited about what the next 10 years will grown into! Come see why they believe in our community and why you might too.

Every sponsor has offered you a special 'locals' discount. Here's some free stuff for living in a cool part of town! yeaaaa, ok

Just ask for the
Town Square Special,
it helps the community

Please support those that
support your community.
Or get used to saying
"heil Starbucks."

Dang, it's gonna be a party...and just down the street @ The Darkside Lounge (walking distance!!). It's a gruesome pic, but metal heads know the drill, and the candles are pretty. (Yours truly is a closet metal head... shhhhh).

I heard from a friendly ninja that two super neat things are in the works:

1. Cindy (@ The Fine Line) is working with the great Hal Samples over @ Space. What a neat place for her!

2. Amanda Newman is going to be booking for Dada again. I heart her.

So... Monday's my 26th berfday. The loverly man 'o my life is taking me to eat @ Al Biernat's. Sweet. I'll let you know how the Elk tastes next week.

Later that night, this is going on over @ The Darkside Lounge:

For an awesome and hilarious interview I did back in January with The Kansas City Faggots click here. I love those boys, and I love Carie, Wes, Mike, Tre, and Gilbert @ Darkside so GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

"R"day: This Week's Random Art

This week "R" stands for Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr I want a cheeseburger. I know this cleanse is good for me, in fact I feel great, but I've actually been dreaming about fast food. Hey, you try eating nothing but a few almonds and drinking aloe vera juice and tell me what you dream of.

Oh, yeah. Today is also dedicated to my friend Paul, and he knows why.

by Kristopher Pollard

by Cary McCoy

by Crimson Allen

note: Kristopher Pollard is NOT a local artist. I put him on here because he will be showing at Pawn Gallery on Oct. 27th for the Horrors of the Enchanted Wasteland show that benefits the Texas Campaign for the Environment. ( Hey I'm in that show!) In the next few weeks you'll see some of those artists making special appearances on "R" Day just for fun.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Meeting Tonight

The last few high energy weeks have caught up with this senorita. I'm really taking it easy this week.

Tonight; however, I'll be over at Mama Mia's for the DEEP meeting at 9pm.

Due to the sheer number of people we had show up, the meeting was moved last week to Kettle. We love holding our meetings at local businesses... it gives 'em mas business!

Lots of talk about the future of Deep Ellum. Lots of good people who love their 'hood. Lots of positive attitudes. I've heard that there will be a few new faces, and a few people with different views attending. Should be interesting.


I have a couple consignments to work on this week, so I won't be back until Thursday for "R" Day.

I hope you are having a lovely week, and I hope this nasty heat will be making room for this soon:

Thursday, September 20, 2007

This Weekend:

Studio Fling's having an opening with a little music (I think it's only Sean doing some acoustic stuff, not the whole band) this Friday night. Their openings/parties are always fun and draw a laid-back, friendly group (some of my favorite people). I always recommend a good Fling.

Art Club is asking that we lighten up a bit on Saturday night with a little comedy from Flesh Eating Robots. I honestly have no idea what to expect from this one... but I bet it'll be far from dull!

"Live Comedy sketches at Artclub!!
Sat sept.22nd 8pm-11pm Free!

This should be pretty fun . Hey laugh alittle don't take things so seriously!!
Comedy In Expo Park.

Guest comic Michael Cockran and photos by Sergio Delgado .

an evening of obscene sketch comedy ,musical numbers and animations

visit for more info.
artclub 823 exposition ave


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! After the hearing (SUP) today at city hall, and an extremely busy week to follow my prior extremely busy week, I'm taking it easy. However; I know the cats behind both of these events, and you are in for fun if you make it out to either!

Pssst! Set aside some time for these guys:

I'm laughing my ass off just looking at this poster. I can't even imagine how much pain I'll be in when the giggles succumb my senses Oct. 20th!

"R"day: This Week's Random Art

I thought it would be fun to have a makeup artist in the lineup this week!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Something Good In the Neighborhood: DEEP pt. 2

Earlier this week I started telling you a bit about a neat group that plans events (art walks, movie nights, flea markets, concerts, street performer festivals, ect.) and supports their creative 'hood. Today I'll let some of the members tell you why they think DEEP is such an important part of the Dallas community.

Kelly Clemons (Treasurer)
: The reason I think that DEEP is such an important attribute to Deep Ellum is because a lot of the people are living in Deep Ellum, working in Deep Ellum, partying in Deep Ellum, and aren't content with watching it crumble around them. We are not standing around and watching, but trying our best to be proactive and doing everything we can to see it thrive in the arts, music and commerce.

So many are in it for personal gain, for money, and I can honestly say that this group is not, they're in it solely to see Deep Ellum thrive. So many things today are false and have pretenses, and hidden agendas, but the DEEP group does not have that.

Kenny Ordeneaux: I joined DEEP a couple weeks ago. I've been living in Deep Ellum for about a year now, and I just wanted to get involved more in the community down here. I see a lot of my friends go down to Greenville and I want to keep it in the neighborhood.

I'm from New Orleans: a little neighborhood where we appreciate the culture. All our local businesses have an original flavor, so I really hate to see a bunch of places close down. One of my favorite places was Wax down here on Commerce. They had great music, my friend used to DJ and it closed.

I joined to get a little more involved and meet some people in the neighborhood, have a good time, and this is a great group of people and they're doing a good thing.

Kevin Spurgin:
I first came to DEEP because Marc Trainer told me about it. He said it's a cool group. I think people in Deep Ellum are pretty amazing. I love the area. I love the art. I love the music. I love the food. So, it's a great opportunity to get involved in promoting that, and helping other people see that Deep Ellum really is an amazing place with amazing people.

I think that's the key: the people. It's probably one of the reasons I keep coming back to the meeting every week. It;s the people, the relationships, the friends. They don't judge you, don't condemn you, but are real and accepting.

Angelica: I've been coming to DEEP meetings since early 2007, and I chose to get involved with DEEP because it's all about preserving culture here in Dallas that is unique. I used to come to Deep Ellum in my teens and I'm sad to see any of the music, the arts, the fashion... I'd hate to see that go away, so I'm here to do whatever I can to help this group preserve and promote it.

Johnny Hardy: For locals by locals. These people aren't in it for the money, they're just like-minded locals with a positive attitude trying to maintain the eclectic spirit and create activity in this neighborhood. I grew up down here. Lots of quality time when I was a little bitty guy over at Sons of Herman Hall.

Deep Ellum's had so much history, even in the last 30 years, and geese, we're not going to piss it away with big businesses. Whether the big business comes in or not, we're going to maintain our spirit.

Tiffany Kieran: DEEP's become a true community in the way that a lot of people have wished that Dallas would become, a community of down to earth people who really care about each other. This is a lot of people who care about each other's artwork, the history of the area, and are coming together.

It's like in New York or San Francisco or Chicago or any really big city.....this area is getting like that, it has this really cool eclectic, organic vibe. You get that sense that people really care about each other.

Marc Trainer (Vice President): I think DEEP's important to this area because... just look at the diverse group that we have here. We have art galleries represented, bars represented, waiters, waitresses, patrons. I mean somebody like me, who happens to be the vice president... all I do is come down here and party. We all love this area.

This area has so much history, so much value to all of us. I consider Deep Ellum my home because this where I go to feel like I'm at home. The main thing about this area: It's not about what you do, it's about who you are. People are interested in you down here. Not because you have a mohawk or because you're wearing a polo, but because you're here, and they love you for just being here.

They accept you however you are. It's simply the most accepting environment that I've ever been involved with. When I first moved down to Dallas, I was a poor orphan kid that no on wanted anything to do with, but then I come down here, and everyone wanted something to do with me. Because of that it fels like home, and I think that it's home to everyone involved with DEEP.

Well said. DEEP's next meeting is Tuesday, September 18th @ Mama Mia's @9pm. This meeting will focus on helping the bars and clubs in the area get any information they need to finish up their SUP by Wednesday's deadline. Don't worry, I am sure there will be plenty of smiles, drink, merriment and... pizza! Hell, if this wasn't a positive atmosphere I wouldn't have wasted the last eight months frequenting the meetings, so take our word: DEEP is something good in this neighborhood.

-photos from "Street Art Attacks"/Street Performer Festival by Justin Clemons

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Here's The Deep Art Walk Map for Tonight:

You're going to have to click on it for a better view, and I love the dots outside the box. These galleries must really be outside the box. (Hey, my favorite kind of jokes are bad jokes.)

Every dot is going to be a party! So make it out to 'em all!

Special note: Right where you see a dot for #17, The Vanditthavong dot, there is another inviable dot across the street you should visit. The Art Club dot. They weren't left off intentionally, DEEP has a lot on their plate right now. So, make sure that you check out Art Club while you are in Fair Park.

...and do you see those tiny dots #13 and #15? That's where me art at! Studio Fling will have the modern-fashionesque series I did for "Obsceenly Unseen" and the Breast Cancer Awareness show. Kettle Art will be showing a new series I did specifically for this show, and MANY other badass female artwork.

I'll be out at Kettle to start my art walk off @ 8ish, so I'll see you there!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Something Postitive and "R" Day Art

I want to look at something positive:

So you already know about what's going on Saturday...
It might be a good idea to repost to keep them in the loop.

There will be art openings at Public Trust, Barry Whistler, Road Agent, Pawn, Nine Eyes, Studio Fling, Canvas, and many others that same night.

and that's just in the Ellum / Expo area... If you like gre
at art, free wine and good people I am sure every gallery in town will put their best foot forward.

Here's the art for "R' Day (Random Art Day)

by Judith Lea Perkins

by Paige Moore

By Havi Frost
(models Dawn the Butcher and Chloe)

These women will all be in the show "Another Little Piece of My Art" with me on Saturday.

Here's one of my pieces that will be in the show:

Also, due to all the SUP info. we've been gathering, I will have to release the second installment of "Something Good in the Neighborhood" on Monday. Please come out to these events this Saturday. Deep Ellum and Expo Park are under fire, and we need your support. Once you get here you'll see... we are far from dead! :) (I thought we all need a smiley face right about now!)

Something Good In the Neighborhood: DEEP pt.1

Perhaps you've heard of DEEP. It stands for the Deep Ellum Enrichment Project. I love DEEP. DEEP loves Deep Ellum, even today, after all the B.S., they still love the most controversial and ignored part of Dallas.

In case you didn't know (and live under a rock), Deep Ellum has gone through major violence, negative press, closures, rumored death, and is now in the beginning stages of a major transformation.

There are many parties involved trying to shape the future of this historical, beloved neighborhood.

Some for economical gain. Some for political clout. Some for historical preservation. DEEP just wants to shape it by the most simple, yet powerful reason available to the human psyche: love.

DEEP is made up of gallery owners, club owners, bar owners, retail owners, wait-staff, bartenders, artists, musicians, restaurant owners, families and concerned citizens that love Deep Ellum.

Since the beginning, when they were called "Save the Scene", DEEP has struggled to revive the spirit that has cycled throughout this unique community for decades.

They've put together concerts, a haunted house, gallery walks, movie nights, street performer festivals, and flea markets. These events have been growing in popularity, and in a neighborhood starved for positive attention, DEEP is a very welcome alternative to negative press and looming conglomerate developers.

When I first started attending DEEP meetings, there were, at max, maybe fifteen of us on a regular basis. Now, meetings have grown to 30+, and there are more plus meetings these days. Why?

Because of the sincerity DEEP implores with each event; the will to keep going reguardless of money or capital gain.

Because DEEP members keep showing up, keep caring without a paycheck.

Because DEEP loves their neighborhood.

--Tomorrow, pt.2: DEEP from the member's mouths.

Pictures courtsey DEEP's Myspace and Angelica.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Big Night!

Whether you are an avid art collector, or an admiring gallery walker, whether you know about DADA (Dallas Area Art Dealers) or DEEP (Deep Ellum Enrichment Project), or read about them just now for the first time, you should be out and about on this Saturday, Sept. 15th.

Tons of galleries are having openings... and that means festivities, drinks, and open doors to an experience that is growing in popularity 'round DFW. In case no one told you, art openings are ultra-hip, and for those of you who don't care about being hip (like nerdy old me), they are fun!

Both DADA and DEEP are hosting gallery walks that evening.

DADA's gallery walk includes 37 art galleries in the metroplex including: Arlington, Deep Ellum, Design District, Downtown, Irving, North Dallas, Oak Cliff, Park Cities, and Uptown. Um, I think you might actually need a car for this one, since it's 2-8pm and I don't know of many people who can (or would) walk from Irving to North Dallas in 6 hours. For a list of all the galleries involved in DADA's event click here.

Since I am a bit more familiar with my hood, I'm going to be walking around Deep Ellum and Exposition Park that evening. What's going on that night? Oh, only a ton of stuff!

Art Club will be hosting the Alpha Exhibit once more from 2-9pm, so if you missed out on First Thursday, you can catch this:

Pawn Gallery is the spot for Marc Bolan fans:

Kettle Art Gallery's having a little ladies night. Don't let the cuteness fool you, these are some seriously talented artists, and I hear there might be a few surprises lending to the ambiance of the gallery this Saturday.
Oh, yeah. My art's in this show. I've got some new stuff, so you'd better be there damn it.

The Public Trust (Art Prostitute... the whole name thing had me confused, but I think I get it now. The book they put out is called Art Prostitute and the gallery is The Public Trust. Correct me if I'm wrong, and I'm sure you will.) is having an opening called "Urban Abstract: New work by Evan Hecox" that night.

Canvas Gallery
will be holding their second annual Erotic Art Show from 6-8pm and these girls (The Ruby Revue Dancers) will be struttin their stuff:

So, not only are all these events going on, but DEEP's holding their own gallery walk (and it's almost all within actual walking distance), and they've convinced even more galleries and art related venues in the Deep Ellum/Exposition Park area to open their doors for you this Saturday.

I should have a maps and further details in a few days, but Nine Eyes, Studio Fling and many others are rumored to be involved.

Just in case you need one more reason (like all these others aren't enough!) to come down to my neck of the woods... DRAG QUEENS!