Monday, August 20, 2007

Two Great Art Shows

I am sick. It sucks. Stupid air pollution weather crap is dying in my throat.

Anyway, I am staying home trying to get better because there are too many fun things going on this week. It's my very first art show! Here's a press release I tossed together for the big ol' happy time:

"Saturday, August 25th, at 3pm art and music attack Space Studio. “Obscenely Unseen” features not only great music, but great art as well!

Acts include White Light Fever, Blackheart Society, Arguing Semantics, Robert Jones, The Vibes, Electric Church, The Grass Fight, The Pumpkin Sea, and DJ Fred Deviant. The first band goes on at 4pm.

While you bob your head to some righteous tunes, you can gaze at artwork by Jeremy Meador, Tony Bones, Courtney Adams, Kate Martin, Robert Hudson, Alison Marie Welsh, C.Kirk, Misty Maberry, Eric Baze, Clay Driver, and Studio Fling artists Paul, Rob Jr., and Tony.

This is a BYOB event, so run to the nearest store and load up your sack! The cover is only $5, a measly amount of change for the vast amount of noise and visuals within.

This event is hosted by Mikey Branton and Matt Craddock at Space Studio located at 2814 Main St, Dallas, TX 75214. Please contact Mikey at for any further information.

Also, that night, my pal Richard Ross is having a one night solo show at Kettle Art. You really need to see that one too, and it's walking distance from our show at Space.

I love Richard's stuff. In fact, I own two of his pieces! Check back in with the Sub-Rosa Wednesday for a very special interview with Richard.


Anonymous said...

I am curious. How is this associated with the Town Square Project which is Free and tickets are available everywhere? Five Dollars is not a lot of money, especially for these bands but is this free if I have a ticket?

Alison said...

I had to do some hunting to get an answer to this anonymous comment, so I apologize to whoever left it for the delay in my response.
"Obscenely Unseen" was put together before the TSP booked their event. When both parties realized that the events were on the same night, they tried to come together.
However; since TSP is giving away free tickets, "Obscenely Unseen" couldn't be a part. You see the door cost of $5 is to cover the cost of renting out Space Studio. TSP uses sponsors to cover their cost, "Obscenely Unseen" has no sponsorship, they are completely DIY.
Also, if you don't have a free ticket you will have to pay $10 to get into the TSP event.
Both events should be fun. They are friendly to each other, and some participants in both have worked together in the past. However; the only place you'll be able to see my artwork that night is @ "Obscenely Unseen". (Hey, I got to plug myself... right?) I suggest parking your car in Deep Ellum and checking both out. Oh, and the Backsliders are putting on a show @ All Good Cafe & Richard Ross's big one night solo show is that night as well... all within walking distance!

Anonymous said...

I am also confused. How come it says town sq project and club dada on the flyer if it's not associated with this event? Is it FREE, cost $5.00, $10.00 or what? What if I go to the Backsliders show and have my hand stamped from All Good or buy a piece from Richard Ross. Can I get a discount then or is everything not associated at all. I'm sorry but I don't have a lot of money and it's going to cost me money just to park my car. Any idea or validation you can provide?

Alison said...

OK. I did not mean for this to be so confounding. Richard Ross is having a solo show at Kettle Art, which has nothing to do with the Backsliders playing at All Good Cafe on the same night. These are two separate events.
Neither of these events have anything to do with "Obscenely Unseen" which originally had nothing to do with TSP. When the flyer was made for "Obscenely Unseen", they were TRYING to work with TSP, but it did not work out, so that's why the info. overlaps. If you get your hands on TSP free tickets then you get into Club Dada, Sunshine parking lot, and the Bone for free.
Alright I hope this helps:

- Richard Ross:admission free, please leave donations for bartender

-Town Square Project: Free with free ticket, w/ no free ticket $10 @ door (email, for more info. on free tickets)

-Backsliders @ All Good Cafe: $10

-"Obscenely Unseen" @ Space: $5/BYOB

I do not have the ability to get anyone into any event. I am simply an involved artist who loves all four of these events going on this Saturday. I hope this made things a bit clearer, and I hope I will see some of you on Saturday.

frank said...

Jeeze Louise, that is some complicated explaining you did there. Glad you sorted it all out for the masses. Things should be really hot that night (both figuratively and literally) and I plan to take in as much as I able. Richard Ross and the Town Square deals for sure. Be sure to stop by.

Theresa said...

I think I understand what you're saying now Ms Sub-Rosa.

So, if I go to All Good to see White Light Fever, I can get into the Richard Ross show for free then, right?

But what if I can't afford to get into the Obscenely Unseen show? That's going to be another $10.00, right? How about if I want to BYOB to Dada? That seems a bit strange because they already serve alcohol in there. But that's okay in the parking lot, right? I guess that doesn't make any difference because TSP is doing no cover / all you can drink for your art show, right?

What if I bring my beer to All Good? I guess that'd be cool as long as I drink it on the patio, right?

What time are the Backsliders playing in the Sunshine parking lot? Is that at 3:00 or 7:00 or 10:00???

All I want is a FREE Backsliders show where I can BYOB. Is that at the Bone now or what?