Monday, August 13, 2007

On The Way!

Wow. I've received a staggering amount of support and positive feedback about The Sub-Rosa in the past few days. I just wanted to say thank you to all my readers.

I've got a lot going on in the next couple weeks. I'm getting ready for two art shows. One will be on August 25th @ Space in conjuncture with the show White Light Fever's putting on called "Obscenely Unseen".

By the way, they are still looking for local artists to participate. If you know anyone interested in showing, contact Mikey @ White Light Fever's myspace (#1 featured link).

The other show is on September 15th @ Kettle Art. I am honored to show with other great female artists Havi Frost, Marie Sena, Erica Felicella, Judith Lea Perkins, and Cathy Miller. This show is entitled "Another Little Piece of My Art" and is during the Deep Ellum Art Walk.

I'll clue you in on more information about these events closer to their dates.

So, you can see that I won't have a whole ton of time for interviews in the next few weeks. Do not fear! I have a little something planned for this week, and Thursday is "R"day.

Soon to Come: Richard Ross, Studio Fling, Havi Frost, DEEP, and more.

Until then, here's a video on Mr. Ross, a neat video from Faux Fox (motorcycles, hot chicks, and Grease references... what more do you want?), and a poem I wrote a while back that might make you scratch your head.

Which reminds me, I'd love to have more creative writing on here. If you are a poet or writer, shoot me an email @ with a couple examples of your work. Who knows? I might just post 'em up!


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