Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Nifty Fling on Saturday

These crafty creatures are throwing a shin-dig/art show Saturday night at their gallery in Deep Ellum.

What? Deep Ellum? You mean it's safe to go down there? That's right folks, contrary to all the hype, Deep Ellum is not the war zone it's cracked up to be. In fact, if you venture to Studio Fling Saturday night, I bet you won't only have a good time, but might meet a group of friendly folks that will put Deep Ellum back on your map.

Oh, and Holy Diver, a local laugh-out-loud cover band, is playing, so make sure to leave all grumpiness behind, 'cause there's no room for that nonsense when these guys take the stage! (Also, if you check out their myspace page you can see an awful picture of me drunkenly flipping off everyone...)

Yeah, I know I've been pumping Deep Ellum a lot this week, but I live here, so I suppose I have a neighborhood interest. :) - That's right. A smiley face.

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